斗地主hg267.com A comprehensive analysis of! 7 reasons why black pits ca n’t catch carp

A comprehensive analysis of! 7 reasons why black pits ca n’t catch carp

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Original title: Comprehensive analysis! 7 reasons why black pits ca n’t catch carp

It is very difficult to get used to fishing in other waters before going to the black pit. Most of the black pits are smooth mouth fishes, which are often caught and then put back. This will cause the fish to be very timid after being released. Be vigilant, so it will become difficult to hook. When fishing for carps in the pit, there will be black drifts but empty poles. Then the reasons and solutions for this phenomenon will be comprehensively analyzed below.

First: the line group is too large. Thick line groups may also cause impacts. Due to the different climates, the strength of fish eating bait will be different. In addition, the majority of slippery fish in the pit may cause problems on the line groups. The usual line groups may not be the same. It is suitable. When the fish eats the bait, a large black drift will appear, but the thread group is too large, which will cause it to suck to the mouth or suck too shallow, so it will miss the fish. The most direct way is to change all the smaller ones.

Second: Squall line. When fishing for smooth mouth fish, if the black drift always appears and the amplitude is large, but it is not on the fish, this indicates that the fish is in the squall line. There are two solutions. One is to abandon this drifting phase, catch short and strong drifts, and slowly descend and then move. The second is to start with the bait and change the atomization and taste of the bait.

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