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The design is fierce, Mazda makes money, the three brothers lead the way

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Mazda's design is really very set. It's full of confidence in the circle of money. The three SUVs for different market positioning have their own advantages. Many friends have no choice when choosing a car. Let's analyze together and see which one is more suitable. Your request.

As a small SUV, the selling point of the CX-3 is the original production and original import. For the selling point, this price is definitely a good choice because the power and handling can make people fully enjoy driving. However, although it was introduced by the original factory, there are some gaps between the car and the overseas version in some configurations, and some undesirable factors have also been added. For example, the overseas version of the LED headlights has been replaced by halogen headlights in the domestic version. The front is even more beautiful, and the light is a success or failure. It is somewhat regrettable, but the rear design and the front echo each other to create a strong sense of movement. Make up a little bit. Although this car sparrow is small and has all the internal organs, the interior details can be considered very carefully, but the apparently cramped space in the car has also made many families of three retreat. The car is obviously more suitable for singles. pretty good.

The price of the CX-4 is higher than that of the CX-3. It is positioned on a coupe, and the appearance looks more fluent. Compared with the other two little brothers, this car is obviously more suitable for young people. Much higher than the CX-5, on the other hand, the configuration features are also more powerful and complement the dynamic appearance. But then again, this car is called by the riders as a special supply for China. Although it is full of confidence in all aspects, when it comes to quality control details, some people will have a little discount.

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