皇冠投注备用网址hg622.com Usually use car tips to tell you how to extend the life of your car without being flickered

Usually use car tips to tell you how to extend the life of your car without being flickered

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As a daily mobility tool, cars have become more and more popular in our lives, but more and more car maintenance and repair problems have also come with them. In addition, the majority of car owners are enjoying the pleasure of cars At the same time, he could not help frowning.

However, some data show that only 5% of the total number of cars can be maintained in China according to requirements. Many car owners have said that going to a 4S shop is too expensive for maintenance, and they are often promoted with various other maintenance services. There is no peace of mind about the maintenance of car dealers on the street, and there is no maintenance record, so today Xiaobian is willing to share tips on maintenance with many car owners here, hoping to be helpful to everyone and not be fooled by 4S shops.

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The normal use of vehicles should pay attention to "three-point repair, seven-point maintenance". Obviously, this is to make consumers aware of the importance of daily maintenance. The links that usually require the attention of car owners are the following:

1. Check the tire pressure frequently. Keep the tire pressure within the standard value range. If the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. At the same time, there will be a danger of puncture when driving for a long time in summer. Generally, the 4S shop will give the owner a maintenance manual when buying a car. The normal tire pressure of your car should be How much is clear at a glance, and tire pressure that meets regulatory requirements can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3%

2. Change the engine oil regularly, pay attention to cleaning the carbon deposits and filters, and replace spark plugs in time. Under normal circumstances, the oil mileage is about 10,000 kilometers, so you don't need to change it as often.

3, to go to a regular gas station to refuel, choose the appropriate label fuel according to the compression ratio of the car, a higher or lower label will cause increased carbon deposits in the cylinder and the injector, and the engine knocks, which will shorten the service life .

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