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Shangri-La Barley Crisp

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Basic introduction of Shangri-La barley crisps

Barley cake is a kind of food made by baking barley noodles. Golden color, sweet and delicious. Crispy barley is easy to eat.

Nutritional value

The barley yields up to 357 kcal per 100 grams. It is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements. The unique ingredients of barley are rich nutrients such as b-glucan and flavonoids. The barley has a much higher vitamin content than fruits such as grapes.


The barley cake can be exposed to the air for a long time without being spoiled. Therefore, people who travel long distances can take it with them and eat some when hungry.

Historical folklore

(1) "There is barley grain on the earth, and the life is really sweet; three meals a day, no worries, and barley wine. Everyone thank the lark bird, and everyone loves barley grain."

(2) The myth about the pupa originated from the birth of the green pupa first. The Tibetans have a myth "The Origin of the Barley Seeds", which tells the story that there was a clever, brave and kind Prince Achu in ancient times. In order to let people eat food, after many hardships, with the help of the mountain god, they finally got help The barley seed was stolen. But unfortunately he was found by the snake king and punished him to become a dog. Only with the love of a girl can you regain human form. Later, the dog really gained the love of a girl and recovered. Thanks to their hard planting and cultivation, the earth was covered with green hoe. People have eaten fragrant ravioli ever since. Because people saw a dog sowing barley seeds and growing grains like gold, so they thought it was a barley brought to them by a god dog. In order to thank it, people gather a bunch of crickets for the dogs when they collect the green crickets every year and eat the crickets made from the new crickets. From this myth, it reflects the heroes who enthusiastically praised the heroes who have contributed to humanity. It also reflects that in ancient times, when dogs became domestic animals, they ran west in the mountains and the Middle East during hunting. Seeds, scattered near people's residences, grow out, and it is discovered that this crop reproduces.

Production Method

Green loquat cake is made by grinding the loquat flour into flour, then adding the loquat flour to baking powder and mixing with water. Let stand for about three hours. After the dough is fermented, add rapeseed oil and sweet bean paste, and bake in the oven. The cake is ready. It tastes great. It tastes crispy. If you chew it carefully, you can enjoy its unique flavor.

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