hg j0066..com Yaxia Automobile 002607: The main organization will compete for the best, how will the market outlook be interpreted?

Yaxia Automobile 002607: The main organization will compete for the best, how will the market outlook be interpreted?

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Company profile: Yaxia Automobile Co., Ltd.'s main brand car sales, maintenance, decoration, beauty, auto parts sales, maintenance, brand car used car sales, car rental, driving training, auto financial services, auto insurance brokers, used car brokers And distribution, automotive e-commerce, etc. The company upholds the "customer first" service concept. Focusing on customer needs, providing customers with car driving and education, car sales, car repairs, auto parts, car decoration, car beauty, used car replacement, car consulting services, auto insurance brokers, auto financial services, car pawns, auto e-commerce , Car clubs, car rescues, on-board licensing, auto membership value-added services, and other comprehensive, one-stop integrated service systems.

Owned sector: Anhui sector shares in the bank e-commerce concept auto industry

Business scope Brand car and its accessories sales, maintenance, decoration, beauty, information consulting services, brand car used car sales; car rental.

Yaxia Automobile (002607), the daily limit for 9 consecutive days, the market pays a lot of attention

The recent average cost is 8.99 yuan, and the stock price runs above the cost. In the bull market, there is an accelerated upward trend. The stock is flowing out. Investors are advised to invest cautiously. The company's operating conditions are acceptable. Most institutions believe that the long-term investment value of the stock is high, and investors can strengthen their attention.

Short-term trend: The market has been rising recently, and it is cautious to pull back in the short term.

Medium-term trend: There is an accelerated upward trend.

Long-term trend: So far, there are 7 main institutions with a total of 234 million shares, accounting for 33.20% of outstanding A shares.

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