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Huawei Super Brand Day MateBook X Pro achieves great results

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Jingdong 618 is coming soon, friends who want to buy a notebook must not hesitate! Today, the 6.4 Huawei Jingdong Super Brand Day, which has been receiving much attention, officially kicks off, while the much-watched Huawei MateBook Pro also has discounts, coupons, first coupons and other benefits.

MateBook Pro super high value strong performance

MateBook Pro has a full-screen, hidden camera, ultra-thin and stylish, efficient and convenient, metal body, and quite a lot to watch.

The biggest highlight of Huawei MateBook X Pro is the 3: 2 ratio of this four-sided narrow bezel and 3000x2000 resolution "full screen". The quotation mark is added because it has a screen ratio of 91%, but compared to other notebooks, it has been more than one position ahead. The narrow bezels on all sides bring a visual experience that has not been seen on a laptop computer, just like the evolution of a mobile phone to a full screen. When you first used this computer, every time you saw the screen, you would be surprised.

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