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I went to the supermarket the day before and bought a bag of pork dumplings.

I only heard of sesame, peanut, brown sugar and other types of dumplings. I have eaten pork dumplings before cooking. The flesh is separated from the skin, and a soft and waxy skin is wrapped in a ball of meatballs. It feels similar to putting glutinous rice balls in Yuanzi soup, and it's like the chef mixed two kinds of food in a pot.

This is quite blaming his own hunting and wonders of good people.

The taste has a long history. Who has heard that meatballs are round, but if you have some foresight, you can know that this is nothing more than a gimmick for adding categories. Why should you try it yourself to prove its fallacy.

Another example is Xue Lin, which has numerous periodicals and magazines, with clear grades and clearly marked prices. Professional technicians who want to prove that they are up to the level, have generously contributed to support these paper-wasting books and magazines in a small amount of money. As the chief editor of the Siku Quanshu, Ji Xiaolan of the Qing Dynasty need not say his knowledge. All his life was nothing more than writing a "Reading of the Weed Thatched Cottage Notes" to record strangeness, force, chaos, and gods that made everyone laugh. Probably, he understands that the so-called primary learning is nothing more than the wisdom of a human being. How can there be so many important humanistic things in an old civilization?

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