hg22488.com "If Love" Wu Jianhao passed away due to illness, Cecilia Cheung gave birth to child and found his knight

"If Love" Wu Jianhao passed away due to illness, Cecilia Cheung gave birth to child and found his knight

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Recently, if Hunan Satellite TV has broadcast a lot of fans who love to abuse, the show not only has very exciting opponent dramas such as Cecilia Cheung and Wu Jianhao, but the plot of the show also has the coldness and abuse that penetrates the bone marrow. The reason for the sudden turn of powder. The character set of the play is particularly close to our lives.

In the play Cecilia plays a housewife, and her husband Wu Jianhao is a company executive. Like many families, once a woman wholeheartedly becomes a housewife, her entire focus is left only to her husband's children and parents, and at this time she will definitely be rejected by her focus. The same is true of Cecilia Cheung in the play. It is precisely because Cecilia Cheung did not have her own career that she is often so demanded by her mother-in-law. Cecilia Cheung's mother-in-law is particularly famous. Her mother-in-law is a jewelry designer and she has won many awards in various design competitions. Although Cecilia Cheung's mother-in-law was mixed outside, Cecilia Cheung's mother-in-law was targeting Cecilia Cheung at home. She always felt that Cecilia Cheung was not good enough. After losing her child, Cecilia Cheung finally lost all expectations of that family. When feeling discouraged, Cecilia Cheung and Wu Jianhao finally reached the step of divorce.

In the latest episode, Wu Jianhao ’s career has taken another level. Cecilia Cheung ’s family has arranged a lot of banquets for Wu Jianhao. This is the old man ’s celebration for Wu Jianhao. When Cecilia Cheung's father asked them about their relationship, Cecilia Cheung did not hide his father, not to mention that divorce was not something he could hide. Cecilia Cheung bluntly said that she and Wu Jianhao had been divorced. This sentence also made Cecilia Cheung's father stunned on the spot.

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