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American college admissions officers: these five points can improve the success rate of transfer

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As more and more international students have a deeper understanding of American university transfers, some international students have also begun preparing for transfers. Although the transfer of American universities is becoming more and more convenient, many schools will set up projects to welcome the arrival of transfer students, but transfer is also a matter that requires time and energy to prepare carefully. It is possible to increase the success rate of transfers. Below we analyze the requirements for transfer students through the admissions officers of American universities. In the transfer process, what can be done to improve the transfer success rate.

1.Excellent standardized test scores

Improving standardized test scores can significantly improve transfer success rates. Like applying to American universities, during the transfer process, transfer applicants also need to submit standardized test results, such as SAT test results or ACT test results. For international students, if they do not meet specific conditions, they also need to provide language test results. For example the TOEFL or IELTS. Although in the transfer process, American universities did not explicitly require the minimum standardized test scores, but according to the data of transferees admitted in the previous year, the standardized test scores of the transferees admitted were higher than the average score of the freshmen. It can be seen that American universities have stricter requirements for transfer students, and excellent standardized test scores are a stepping stone to transfer to new schools.

2. Reasonably explain the reason for transfer in the document

When deciding whether to admit a student, American university admissions officers need to evaluate the student's software and hardware conditions. An important consideration is to assess whether the student is really suitable for the university and whether it can bring it to the university. contribution. However, most American universities do not issue interview notices to transfer students, so admissions officers can only access applicants' transfer application documents.

Unlike American university applications, in addition to expressing a love for the new school in the document, you also need to reasonably explain the reason for your transfer. In many cases, the admissions officer of an American university will judge whether the applicant really needs to transfer based on the reason for the transfer expressed by the applicant. Therefore, it is very important to explain the reason for the transfer reasonably. Generally speaking, dislike the climate of the area where the original school is located, and unsuited to the original learning environment can not be a reason to successfully convince admissions officers. American college admissions officers want to see that applicants want to take advantage of the characteristics of the school or Professional expertise to improve their academic level. Therefore, academic improvement can effectively attract the attention of admissions officers.

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