hg22278.com He was so sharp that he provoked the villain for no reason, and died in the end!

He was so sharp that he provoked the villain for no reason, and died in the end!

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Revealing the sharp edge can certainly allow people to display their talents and achieve success. However, revealing the sharp edge can also bring harm to people and end with a tragic ending. There are many living examples in history.

According to "Zuo Zhuan · Yingong 11 Years" records:

In order to defeat Xu Guo, Zheng Zhuanggong plans to select talents to be the generals in the competition. Everyone understands that this is a good opportunity to build a career, so they are ready to show their skills.

The first is fencing. After several rounds of trials, 6 people can qualify for the next round of archery. Among them, the grandsons are famous god archers, and the three arrows all hit the bullseye. The last player to play was Uncle Ying Kao, who even hit the bullseye with 3 arrows.

In a difficult situation, Zhuanggong sent someone to pull a chariot and ordered: "Whoever grabs the hand is the general." The grandsons all fell back when they ran halfway, waiting for him to get up , Uncle Ying Kao has grabbed the car in hand. Gongsunzi always looked down on people, but did not expect that this time he lost to veteran Ying Kao, so he hated.

In the later war against Xu Guo, Uncle Ying Kao first rushed to the head of Xu Capital. Seeing that he was almost done, Gong grandson even took out his arrows and aimed at Uncle Ying Kao on the city head, and shot him dead.

As the saying goes: "The wood is in the forest, the wind will destroy it". We can't just blame the behavior of the villains of the grandson and grandson, because in real life, such villains exist objectively.

The death of Uncle Ying Kao reveals one of the difficulties of being a human being: if you do n’t show your sharpness, you may not be valued by others; if you show your sharpness, you will easily attract the jealousy of villains. Especially in the workplace, the relationship between colleagues is both competitive and cooperative, so the situation is often very complicated. If you disregard the feelings of your colleagues, blindly arguing about your performance in front of your boss and revealing your own edge, you will often make yourself the target of criticism.

Three thousand years of reading history, but nothing but fame and fortune; nine thousand miles to realize, after all, poetry and wine pastoral.

Read historical figures, read historical stories, read history to learn wisdom, read history to read today.

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