hg34888.com Weather during Shandong college entrance examination: Rain in some areas

Weather during Shandong college entrance examination: Rain in some areas

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Original title: Weather forecast during the college entrance examination in Shandong: persistent high temperatures in many places, rain in some areas

The college entrance examination is imminent. Candidates are nervously making final preparations. The 7th is the first day of the college entrance examination. Except for Qingdao and Rizhao, which are cooler cities, the temperature in other areas is still high, such as Jinan, Zibo, Zaozhuang, Weifang, Jining, The highest temperatures in Tai'an, Liaocheng and Heze will still exceed the high-temperature line of 35 ° C. On the 8th, thunderstorms will be ushered in Yantai, Rizhao, Laiwu, Dezhou, Zibo, Tai'an and Heze. Due to the rain, the temperature in the above areas will drop slightly, between 25-33 ° C. However, the maximum temperature in Jinan, Weifang, Tai'an, Heze and Linyi is still 35-36 ° C, which is still hot.

Meteorological experts remind that the temperature is high in most areas of Shandong before and during the college entrance examination. Candidates need to take measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down to ensure the smooth progress of the exam. On the 8th, as the cold air goes south, strong convection may occur in some areas. Precaution.

(Qi Lu Evening News Qi Lu, a reporter Gao Han)

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