www.hg28888.com On the way home for the college entrance examination: "Mom Mom" and his 10 "children"

On the way home for the college entrance examination: "Mom Mom" and his 10 "children"

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Xinlan.net-China Blue News Client June 6th (Voice of Zhejiang Journalist Shen Zenan) has such a special group of students in Hangzhou Changhe Senior High School. Their families are poor but they have both morals and their parents. They are so busy that their lives are so busy Can't meet before the college entrance examination, they are determined to change their destiny by knowledge. They have a common name "Hong Zhisheng".

At noon on June 5, 10 Hongzhi students from Yuhang District embarked on their way back to their original college entrance examination.

At 11:30 in the morning, class 11 of the senior high school in Hangzhou Changhe Senior Middle School ended the last lesson before the college entrance examination. English teacher Liu Jianying gave a specially made greeting card to Yang Sheng. After 2 hours, Yang Sheng will get back to Yuhang.

Compared with the students in the main urban area, Yang Sheng is relatively hard-working, but he is particularly hardworking and easy to learn. Liu Jianying said, "He always pays full attention during class and interacts with the teacher a lot. Looking at him feels his eyes sparkling. I really like him very much. In this class, there will be more classes with him. Exciting. "

Yang Sheng's class teacher Zhu Yi believes that in addition to hard work, his greatest impression of "Hong Zhisheng" is also grateful. Zhu Yi said, "Hong Zhisheng basically does not go home on Saturdays and Sundays, but only at most once a month. On Saturdays and Sundays, they can take the initiative to do something for the class, such as most students go home on Friday Now, a few of them will stay and clean up. "

After packing, the students in the class came up and gave Yang Sheng a high five, expressing encouragement. He has always been strong, tears shed. Yang Sheng said, "Everyone still cares about me very much. They will play with me and learn with me. I have questions and ask them, they will teach me, and they will not treat me differently. I feel a good atmosphere of equality and freedom. It made me a relatively happy high school career. Thanks a lot. "

In class 9 of high school, Shao Jianwei, also a Hongzhi student, was also receiving blessings from his classmates. A few days ago, he had just passed the independent admissions test of Suzhou University, which brought him closer to his dream.

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