www.99hg16com Searching! Where are you, the six younger brothers who saved people in West Lake?

Searching! Where are you, the six younger brothers who saved people in West Lake?

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"May 23, 2018 is a day that will be unforgettable for our entire family."

On the 4th, a netizen @looking for life-saving benefactors posted a post on the 19th floor to find people. They wanted to find six young people who had appeared by the West Lake. They saved his parents by the West Lake.

On the 5th, Mr. Duan sent a voice to "Quickly Find Someone" saying, "I am the son of two elderly people rescued in Xihu. Here, I express my heartfelt thanks to six young people and heroes who helped my parents to do something good. Thank you, thank you for saving the lives of the two elderly people, and ensuring the integrity of our family. I don't think I can express my deep gratitude to these six benefactors with more words. I wish the six heroes a safe life and good people forever. Thank you!"

Parents travel from Xinjiang newspaper group to Hangzhou

Netizen @Looking for life-saving benefactor, surname Duan, 42 years old, Urumqi, he only learned about his parents' experience in Hangzhou last weekend. "I went to see my parents on weekends, and my mother told me about it. I didn't say anything at the time of the incident, but maybe I was afraid we were worried."

Dad Duan is 70 years old and Duan mother is 67 years old. He is a retired teacher.

Some time ago, my mother told her son that she wanted to go for a walk, because she was afraid that she would be too old to walk. The old couple reported on a local tour group in Urumqi. For 10 days, they visited Huangshan, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Mr. Duan's second-born baby was born, and he has no time to travel with his parents.

At about 2 pm on May 23, the tour guide took the old couple to the West Lake. "My mother only remembers visiting a park. I want my mother to be as detailed as possible and ask her what park it is. Mom said to look at the door. To the security guard, but did n’t see any signboards, and the words West Lake were written on it. "

It's about 100 meters away from the gate of the park. It's a place to take a cruise. "There is a willow tree over there. My dad said it looks good. Let my mother stand on the stone to take pictures."

As soon as Ms. Duan set up POSE, an accident happened!

The day was cloudy, and the day before it had rained. The roadside might be a little slippery, and Duan's mother stepped on a stone, one of which was unstable and slipped into the water.

"Mom said that she had thought of the bottom of the lake, and her feet came up as soon as she stepped on it, but the water soon didn't reach her head."

6 "sacred soldiers" rescued from the sky

Mr. Duan hurriedly jumped down. "My dad is so water-based. He is so old now that he doesn't care if he can save it, so he just jumped on."

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