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Hangzhou pediatrician laments "full"! The peak of these two diseases comes in one year

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On the 5th, a dad posted a picture in the circle of friends, and the teacher sent a health reminder in the parent group. His child is attending a small kindergarten class this year-

Dear parents, 2 cases of herpetic angina were found in my class today. The CDC and the Education Bureau have been reported. CDC recommends that my class be suspended for two weeks to observe the development of the condition. We will report the situation in the class to the parents in the group every day. Parents must also report to us their children's health at home every day. If the family is really unattended, the children can also come to the garden. The nursery will do the disinfection work. Thank you for your cooperation!

A mother who was in the first grade of a son immediately left a message. "Our parents also have this information! The teacher reminds us to pay attention to hand-foot-mouth disease and herpes angina. The first grade students have been isolated!"

Are children's hand, foot and mouth disease and herpes angina swollen at this stage serious?

Pediatricians in both hospitals say

These two types of small patients have been increasing in recent weeks

"These patients with hand, foot, mouth, and herpetic angina are many, many, and they can really use the word" full. " The most time has come for these two types of small patients! "

Director Lou Yunyun checked out the emergency department records. The peak of this wave of patients began in late May--

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