www.hg797.com Oil prices will usher in a cut on June 8, or the fourth cut this year

Oil prices will usher in a cut on June 8, or the fourth cut this year

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According to China's oil price adjustment rules (adjust the oil price once every ten working days), June 8 (this Friday) will usher in a new round of oil price adjustment. A number of social monitoring agencies have indicated that since the pricing cycle, news of increased crude oil production in Saudi Arabia, Russia and other oil-producing countries has continued to be a bearish market. The decline in international oil prices has prevailed, and domestic oil prices may be lowered for the fourth time during the year.

According to the calculation of Jinlianchuang, as of the sixth working day on June 4, the average price of reference crude oil varieties was US $ 73.26 / barrel, with a rate of change of -3.04%, corresponding to a decrease in the price of gasoline and diesel by about 100 yuan / ton. The data monitored by Zhuochuang Information is -2.85%, corresponding to a decrease of RMB 105 / ton for gasoline and diesel. Jin Yang, an analyst at Jinlianchuang, believes that oil prices have plummeted due to previous market rumors that oil-producing countries may increase production, but then the news that oil-producing countries continue to reduce production has kept oil prices down, but the crude oil market may continue to fluctuate in the first half of June. ; In the latest round of pricing cycles, the rate of change has turned negative and the final retail price is expected to usher in a downward adjustment.

Zhuang Wengang, a product oil analyst at Zhuochuang Information, also judged that from the second half of the cycle, WTI continued to bear the pressure of increasing US production, while Brent ’s potential support for geological risks still exists, and the probability of international crude oil going up or down All in. Judging from the current trend of oil prices, the possibility of a reduction in domestic refined oil prices this round will be relatively large. This round of refined oil price adjustments may usher in the fourth reduction in the year. The previous three reductions occurred on February 9, February 28, and April 30, respectively.

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