hg99830com Not just afternoon tea, what about delicious lobster spaghetti?

Not just afternoon tea, what about delicious lobster spaghetti?

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Cafe landmark, one of the long-grassed restaurants, likes Hong Kong-style Western food, you must not miss his home. Hong Kong Maxim's Group, a restaurant specializing in Hong Kong-style Western food, is located on the second floor of Wangfu Central. It is recommended to sit in the lobby and gradually feel the daylight to dark. It is also a good way to relax. I like this white tone, clean and simple.

The temperature in Beijing has soared. It is said that it is already 40 degrees today. Although the weather forecast is 36 degrees, the mall is very cool, and the store is very comfortable, but I still can't help but want to drink cold. Healthy, low-fat yogurt is awesome. The taste of blueberry lychee is very high, which is just the recent popular lavender, strawberry banana tastes sweet, and mango papaya suddenly feels the summer feeling!

There are three kinds of bread before meals. I like the small, round, soft, and butter, and I feel like losing weight, don't mention it. . .

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