hg608.com Baoma took her son to go shopping. He always squatted down and said his stomach hurts. Baoma looked down and immediately called the police.

Baoma took her son to go shopping. He always squatted down and said his stomach hurts. Baoma looked down and immediately called the police.

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Lead: Bao Ma took her son to go shopping, he always squatted down and said his stomach hurts, Bao Ma looked down and hurriedly called the police.

Children's hearts are innocent. How children grow depends on how parents educate them. Some parents educate their children well, learn to act with integrity, and treat others kindly.

Dongdong is such a child, and Dongdong's mother has always paid close attention to Dongdong's education. Dongdong's mother took Dongdong to go shopping that day, but Dongdong yelled that her stomach hurts five times, and her mother felt too strange. In the morning, Dongdong drank milk and ate eggs. How did it hurt?

I saw that Dongdong squatted down as soon as he called his stomachache. He squatted several times in ten minutes. When Dongdong saw his son was in pain, he squatted down to see where his son was uncomfortable. When she crouched down, she immediately picked up her cell phone and called the police.

Such a thing would happen. Dongdong's mother couldn't have imagined it, and her son's reaction made her even more unpredictable. It was a weekend, and there were a lot of people shopping. Everyone went shopping on their own, and few people noticed others. And children are short because of their short heads, so they can shuttle around in the crowd.

When Dongdong squatted down for the first time, her eyes kept turning and her mother didn't understand. When Dongdong squatted down for the second time, her fingers kept sticking out, her mother still didn't respond. All these small actions were the things that Dongdong told afterwards. Dongdong Mom felt that she didn't pay much attention to the children.

The thief is looking around in the direction of Dongdong, so Dongdong must not show too obvious movements. He can use his eyes to turn around. His mother didn't look there, and the thief would succeed. Dongdong squatted down only three times or five times. , But my mother didn't notice it at all!

The thief is two tall men, trying to isolate passers-by with a big bag. Dongdong is small, just under the bag, and the sharp knife is about to cut the younger sister's bag. She also holds tweezers. After squatting down, she quietly lay beside her mother's ear and said that there was a thief. Dong Dongma swung to the left and found that the other side had a knife.

Many times we say that children are careless and careless. In fact, adults sometimes can't really compare to children. Your wit will eventually make the thief frustrated, but you must also remember that the thief may carry a murder weapon at any time, educate the child to do justice, and always remember to deal with it wisely.

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