hg095.com High blood pressure dizziness every three to five, drink this after meals can lower blood pressure and prevent cerebral hemorrhage

High blood pressure dizziness every three to five, drink this after meals can lower blood pressure and prevent cerebral hemorrhage

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High blood pressure feels dizzy every three to five, and this will also affect our daily work and study, and may even bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives, so when eating, drink something Is it possible to achieve lower blood pressure, and can effectively prevent some symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage?

Special signals before cerebral hemorrhage

Dizziness and headache. This is a sign of high blood pressure and the earliest manifestation of cerebral hemorrhage.

feel sick and vomit. Patients with hypertension with nausea and vomiting must seek medical treatment soon, most likely as an early or prelude to the bleeding.

Limb weakness. Exacerbation of limb numbness is likely to be an early sign of cerebral hemorrhage.

Doctor summary: general onset of acute cerebral hemorrhage, patients with severe dizziness, headache, vomiting, unconsciousness, falling to the ground, increased blood pressure, flushing, deep breathing, snoring, sometimes twitching, crooked mouth, paralyzed lateral muscle tone loss No response to pain stimuli. Seek medical attention immediately after cerebral hemorrhage occurs.

In particular, the majority of middle-aged and elderly patients are hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage, which causes intracranial blood vessel rupture and bleeding due to sudden rise in blood pressure. Cerebral hemorrhage is often ferocious, with sudden onset, massive or critical site bleeding, and high mortality. Even if the patient is able to survive, the sequelae such as hemiplegia often remain, and the quality of life is greatly reduced.

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Teach you a first aid for cerebral hemorrhage:

1. Try not to move the patient during the acute period, it is best to lie flat, and do not perform non-urgent examinations. Otherwise, it will continue to bleed in the brain and worsen the condition.

2. Keep the airway open, loosen the collar, and at the same time suck the sputum to the patient and wait for the medical treatment to come!

Everyone is very busy at work, but we still have to care about the health of our parents and family. I wo n’t know how to cherish it if I lose it!

In fact, if there is high blood pressure, we must pay more attention to it, because often high blood pressure is high, then dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness are also very common, then we can also have some dinner, choose to drink some The tea breaks, and the mulberry leaves are very good in soaking water, which can also control blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

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