hg638806.com Western media: Real Madrid still want Levan

Western media: Real Madrid still want Levan

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Beijing time on June 5, according to the Spanish media "Abesai" reported that Real Madrid's signing list this summer, Levandowski is still their first choice in the forward position.

After Levan, Kane will be the second choice of Galactic battleships, and Salah is the third choice of Real Madrid, because Salah's transfer fee is expected to be very high. Would be a better choice.

"Abésay" stated that, from the economic level and operability, Levan is a more likely option for Real Madrid, and both Levan and Real Madrid hope to achieve this transfer. There is no termination fee clause in the Bundesliga contract, which requires Real Madrid to make an offer that will satisfy Bayern.

Levan had previously signed with Israeli agent Zakawi and fired his former agent, Cezary Kucharski. Levan and Kuhalsky have been working together for a very long time. It is reported that the reason for the substitution is that Levan hopes to find a broker with more international influence to help him complete the transfer to Real Madrid.

Manchester United, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain also made a quotation for Levan. According to the current market conditions, Levan's transfer fee will eventually be about 120 million euros. The article also believes that Kane's market valuation is about 175 million euros. Spurs once said: "Kane is worth the same as Neymar, both at 220 million euros."

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