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Celtic gambling deal, who is the team leader with him and Irving?

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In the 12-13 season, the Celtics ranked seventh in the Eastern Conference in the regular season. Pierce and Garnett have reached the end of their careers. In the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Celtics were scored 2: 4 by New York. The Knicks eliminated. The offseason Celtics sent the team veteran to the Nets, Rivers to the Clippers, the young coach Stevens took office. Officially rebuilt, the Celtics only scored 25 wins and 57 losses in the 13-14 season, but they made the playoffs in the 14-15 season, and the reconstruction took only one season. The Celtics have a very important deal on the road to reconstruction, and that is getting Thomas Jr.

On February 20, 2015, the Celtics sent Marcus Thornton and the Cavaliers to the first ten rounds of the top ten protection of 2016 to get Thomas from the Suns trade. In the Suns' last season, Thomas Jr. averaged 25.7 minutes per game, scoring 15.2 points and 3.7 assists, and hitting 40% from three. Thornton averaged only 8.9 points per game in the Celtics. In the 2016 draft, the Suns selected Bender with the Cavaliers in the first round of the draft. This year's rookies are only Simmons, Ingram, Jay- Brown made a name for himself.

Trading in Thomas Jr. is the first step for the Celtics to become a strong team. In just three seasons, Thomas Jr. led the Celtics back to the top of the East. In the 16-17 season, Thomas Jr. averaged 28.9 per game. With 5.9 assists, he became the king of the league's last quarter, leading the Celtics to the first place in the Eastern Conference in the regular season. It was because of this outstanding performance that he was able to attract Horford (16-17) and Hayward to join, and then there was a deal between Irving and Thomas Jr. It is undeniable that Thomas Jr. made an indelible contribution to the Celtics.

Because of his height and age, Thomas Jr. is not part of the Celtics' future plans, and Irving is only 26 years old. Although the healthy Thomas Jr. is also strong in offense, he is one level behind Irving. If these two people choose one as the team leader, almost everyone will choose Irving! Thornton is no longer playing in the NBA. At first, the Suns valued the Cavaliers' top ten protected first-round pick in 2016. It was also a gamble for the Celtics. Fortunately, they made it.

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