hg3535.com怎么样 Forget Gangnam District in Seoul, the housing market on line 38 is now the hottest | South Korea

Forget Gangnam District in Seoul, the housing market on line 38 is now the hottest | South Korea

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As North Korea promises to ease tensions and restore relations with South Korea's neighbors, South Korea's hottest real estate market is now along the heavily guarded border between the two countries.

In small towns and sparsely populated rural areas around the demilitarized zone (DMZ), demand for real estate is growing rapidly due to the expected influx of large populations and investments.

In South Korea's border city of Paju, 37-year-old dentist Jiang Chengxu has purchased eight parcels of land in and around the demilitarized zone since mid-March.

Paju is located in the northwest of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, near the 38th line and only 40 kilometers from Seoul.

Five of them were purchased without a site visit, using only photos and maps of Google Earth satellites, as the area within the demilitarized zone is inaccessible to the public.

Mr. Kang said that as relations between the two countries improve, he needs to act quickly because interest in buying will skyrocket.

"I have been looking outside since the news of the North Korea-US summit was announced in March, and it looks like all the good land has been snapped up," he said.

"I realized then that the market was extremely hot."

His total investment in the border area is currently 3 billion won (180 million yuan) and is used on 20 hectares of land.

For decades, the demilitarized zone has been an unusual area, and from time to time deadly military provocations and amazing scenes of mutiny from the north have occurred.

After the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, this area consisting of sentry posts and barbed wire was formally established.

Because the Korean War is currently in a truce and not the end of the peace agreement, the two countries have not formally recognized each other's sovereignty. Technically, the Korean peninsula is still at war.

Mining expert Jeong In-cheol of the Korea National Parks Protection Network said more than 1 million mines were planted in border areas, including the demilitarized zone and civilian-controlled areas in the south.

But although public access is restricted, land on the Korean side and other border areas within 2 kilometers of the demilitarized zone can still be registered and purchased.

According to South Korean government data, in March, land transactions in Paju, leading to the United Nations Truce Floor Store (Panmunjom), more than doubled from 4,628 in February to 4,628.

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