www.99f.hg8.tech+com Does your hair love oil? Is there any dandruff that cannot be washed off? Maybe it ’s the mite

Does your hair love oil? Is there any dandruff that cannot be washed off? Maybe it ’s the mite

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As the weather gets hotter and mites are becoming more and more active, many people have a series of problems on their scalp. Mites are very, very small parasites, but they affect our hair and The scalp has a very large impact. Many scalp problems for unknown reasons may be they are acting strangely, because it is very, very small, which is invisible to our naked eyes, so we can not feel them moving on our scalp, nor can we feel them. They crawl into our scalp and often go unnoticed, so mites are one of the culprits that hurts hair.

When the following phenomena appear, the mite crawls over its head,

Hair dandruff

1. Dandruff

Often dandruff is deducted. Mites like to crawl on the hair follicles. When they bite the roots of the hair, there will be some white and finely divided dandruff, which will remain in the nails during the scalp deduction.

2.Hair loves oil

How fast? After you wash your hair the day before, your hair will start to oil the next day, that is, there are many secretions of mites, which means that there are many, many mites on your hair.

Easy to lose hair

When the mite is willing to eat the scalp, it will produce many secretions. These secretions will block the hair follicles, make the hair root unstable, and cause hair loss.

4, scalp with acne

Once there is a mite on the scalp, it will bring a lot of bacteria to the hair follicles, so the hair follicles will be inflamed and cause swelling. When you touch the scalp, you can feel the small particles protruding. He is the acne of the scalp.

Do n’t be afraid if you have mites,

1. General shampoos cannot remove mites. Be sure to use germicidal shampoos, such as shampoos with garlic extract, or non-ionic scented shampoos, because this type of shampoo has a particularly good bactericidal effect.

2. Go to the hospital to prescribe antibiotics and kill them with antibiotics. However, antibiotics generally have side effects and cannot be used for a long time.

3. Change the wash pillowcase sheets,

4.It is recommended that the towels used for shampooing be scalded with boiling water and placed in a ventilated place or in the sun.

Hope the above suggestions helped you, thank you

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