www.hg33778.com Where are the student tickets going up to 70% off, the distance between you and the beautiful summer vacation is so close

Where are the student tickets going up to 70% off, the distance between you and the beautiful summer vacation is so close

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It's time to wake up asleep and get sweaty for 5 minutes and go out for 5 minutes. The long holidays of others are only boring games and sleepless for you. Life has no planning and surprises. Occasionally, you can only envy other classmates in the distance.

Life day after day woven our summer vacation into an airtight net. Travelling is like a pair of sharp scissors. Even a journey of three or two days is enough to cut off our anxiety and stuffiness. , Breathe the fresh cool air, feel more poetic and wonderful in this world.

Maybe at this moment, your biggest dream is to have a cheap air ticket, to find a quiet and cool beauty, to weave an unforgettable memory forever ... no more dreaming, no fantasy, maybe you and your beautiful "summer vacation", Only the distance for this "student price" ticket.

Recently, where have you traveled to a number of domestic airlines such as United Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Happiness Airlines, etc., the first "student price" of air tickets in the industry, student tickets at least 30% off Everyone who loves travelling has a chance to realize his dream. All registered doctoral, master, undergraduate, and college students in China can enjoy the "online student price" by simply passing the "student certification" where they travel. Popular routes such as Guangzhou to Beijing, Beijing to Chengdu, Beijing to Harbin, and Beijing to Urumqi also participate in profit concessions, and there are discounts on nearly one thousand routes.

In addition to enjoying the "student ticket price" online, from May 20, where to travel will also hold special airline offline activities to allow college students to travel. At the event site, after passing the certification, students can enjoy the "one-price" ticket, which is comparable to the train ticket.

As summer vacation approaches, more and more college students choose to go out and "see the world". According to the 2018 College Student Travel Report released by Where to Travel, the summer is the peak time for college students to travel by plane, which is nearly twice the number of trips during the winter vacation and 5.2 times the National Day. In addition, the growth rate of university students from provincial capitals such as Xi'an, Chengdu, and Kunming exceeds that of first-tier cities. From the flight preferences, more than 70% of college students have "hard wings" and like to travel by plane alone. The ratio of "couple travel" and "girlfriend travel" has also increased year by year, with travel percentages accounting for 9.6% and 6.7%, respectively, an increase of 0.8% and 0.3% over last year.

Summer vacation is suitable for going out, but the ticket price is also the most expensive of the year. Where is the travel data statistics? In 2017, the average price of domestic routes including airport construction fees in the summer of 2017 was 770 yuan, which is nearly 100 yuan more than the average price of domestic routes in 2017. For the shy college student, this is not a small expense. It is precisely based on this potential problem of the Student Party that Qunar Travel and the major airlines jointly launched this event, advocating travel decompression, and letting more college students who want to go out see the dream.

Whoever said that poverty cannot move, fly as far as you want. There is no need to hesitate to calculate whether the travel is over budget, no more time to book a cheap flight one month in advance, and no comparison of which airline is more cost-effective on the comparison website. This time, you can enjoy a "student price" ticket wherever you travel. Start when you see it, miss it no longer, travel perfectly, walk up!

(The above ticket prices are based on the real-time search price of the platform.)

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