hg77711.com Why do we need antifreeze when the car is operating at such a high temperature?

Why do we need antifreeze when the car is operating at such a high temperature?

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With more and more cars nowadays, people's concern is no longer the inability to buy a car, but the car maintenance after buying a car. Speaking of car maintenance, it is not only necessary to carry out regular inspections of the car, but also to replace certain parts in the car. What we are talking about today is a liquid inside the car, antifreeze. I believe many car owners know this liquid. The full name of this liquid is called freezing and cooling liquid, and its main function is just like the name. It is to prevent the freezing of the interior of the car and cause the parts of the car to fail so that the car cannot be started. Many people may be wondering why the interior of a car needs to operate at such high temperatures, why prevent freezing?

In winter, a car is far less than us, and it cannot be covered with so-called cotton jackets. In order to prevent the sudden temperature drop during this season from causing freezing and cooling of the internal parts of the car, and to prevent the resulting radiator from suddenly expanding and cracking and the engine from being frostbite, antifreeze has also appeared. Antifreeze mainly has the following protection functions: one is to prevent corrosion, which can effectively protect the cooling system inside the car; the other is to prevent scale, because the car is prone to cause scale during normal use of the car, so antifreeze is required to reduce the scale to dissipate heat The third is to ensure that the car can work normally at any time, and even in the cold season, the owner can drive normally.

From the data we have collected, it is found that the average family car driven by a family changes its refrigerant once a year. Of course, the premise of this time is that the driving distance is generally within 20,000 kilometers within a year. If it exceeds the cycle frequency of the possibility of changing the refrigerant, the frequency needs to be increased. Most car owners can use this as a reference, and of course they can change it according to their actual conditions. But I don't think it can be replaced once a year even if the driving distance is one to 20,000 kilometers longer, or the replacement cycle can be reduced to one and a half years on the basis of the previous ones, which are not much of a problem.

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