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Knowing this, you will find that iPhone X is actually not that expensive

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Relatively speaking, men pay more attention to performance when choosing a mobile phone, while women pay more attention to appearance.

The appearance of iPhone X has changed this situation. For the first time, iPhone X added bangs to the square screen, and this design that does not meet the aesthetics of most people has gradually become popular.

Liu Haiping's role has two points: first, to increase the screen ratio, this is also the core purpose. The second placement includes a large number of necessary components for mobile phones such as the front camera. So joining bangs can be considered a helpless choice.

I don't know if you have noticed that the phones of other manufacturers besides iPhone X all have chins. Why is this?

There are two main reasons

1. If the chin is removed, the screen of the mobile phone will be next to the middle frame, which is technically difficult and will increase the risk of broken screens. The Android phone is relatively low in price, and the use of other people's technology will result in high patent fees. Unless you solve the technical problem yourself, for a long time, other models except the iPhone will still carry a chin.

2. The screens of different mobile phones are customized by manufacturers, and AMOLED screens can only rely on Samsung. Apple and Samsung have always had a good relationship of cooperation. In addition, Apple's high price, sufficient funds and technical support, can only do To this extent. However, in the near future, BOE, a domestic OLED supplier, announced its cooperation with Huawei, and the screen problem should be resolved soon.

Many people say that Apple sells expensive, but in fact there are high costs and technology behind it. After all, what do you think?

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