www.88hg82.com The driver's eyes narrowed, so that 9 tons of lotus roots "scattered flowers on the sky" on the high speed

The driver's eyes narrowed, so that 9 tons of lotus roots "scattered flowers on the sky" on the high speed

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Recently, at the K11 + 980 highway of S11 Pingru Expressway, heading north to south, a truck overturned. The car was loaded with 9 tons of lotus root "Tiannvsanhua", spilling an area of 280 square meters, resulting in a traffic jam on the right lane. 3 hours.

At about 5 am on the same day, the Huanxi Road Administration Brigade of Zhuzhou Management Office of Hunan Provincial Expressway Construction and Development Corporation received a warning that an E-A license plate truck rolled over in the north-south direction of K309 + 980 on Pingru Expressway. Tons of lotus roots scattered all over the place, causing the right lane to be inaccessible and the scene of the accident was a mess.

After receiving the notice, the members of Huanxi Highway Administration Brigade and the maintenance staff of Huanxi (Yuxian) rushed to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Road administration team members placed a cone behind the vehicle to warn against the accident site, to prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents, and quickly organize maintenance personnel to clean up the site.

Due to the large splash area of lotus roots, the entire right lane is occupied. The lotus roots sprinkled on the emergency lane and the traffic lane must be cleared to the overtaking lane, leaving the lanes that can be shared by vehicles. . In the end, it took 3 hours to clear the scene of the accident and the road surface was restored.

It is understood afterwards that the accident was caused by the driver's drowsiness during driving and accidentally hitting the steering wheel, which caused the vehicle to rush to the central compartment. Fortunately, the people on the vehicle were rescued without any problem.

Hunan Expressway (hngsgl) Warm reminder: Summer is a season of high fatigue driving and hot weather. Be sure to check the vehicle condition information before driving and maintain sufficient sleep. The continuous driving time must not exceed 4 hours. The driver is requested to arrange a reasonable rest mode and do not drive fatigued!

(Wen | Zhuzhou Management Office, Wanxi (Yuxian) Conservation Center, Xu Wei)

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