hg392..com Academician Qiu Chengtong pays attention to the hometown Jiaoling Canghai poetry gallery cultural construction project

Academician Qiu Chengtong pays attention to the hometown Jiaoling Canghai poetry gallery cultural construction project

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On June 3rd, Qiu Wenci, deputy leader of the leading group for the establishment of Canghai Poem Gallery, Jiaoling County, Guangdong Province, and the director of the county government office, went to Tsinghua University in Beijing to participate in the "Training Class for Enhancing Administrative Efficiency and Serving Revitalization and Development". Academician Qiu Chengtong, the consultant of the Leading Group for the establishment of the Poem Gallery, came to Beijing to visit Academician Qiu Chengtong to report on the preparation of Canghai Poem Gallery to Academician Qiu. When he learned that his hometown attached great importance to cultural construction, and made every effort to build a culturally rich new countryside, he was very happy and appreciated!

Director Qiu Wenci, Academician Qiu Chengtong, Professor Qiu Chengdong

Academician Qiu Chengtong

Academician Qiu Chengtong is recognized as one of the most influential mathematicians of our time. He is a tenured professor at Harvard University. He is currently a post professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and director of the Tsinghua University Qiu Chengtong Mathematical Science Center. Qiu Chengtong has won the Fields Award (1982), the Crawford Award (1994), and the Wolf Award (2010). In particular, he won the Fields Award for the highest mathematics award in 1982. It was the first Chinese to win this so-called "Nobel Prize in Mathematics" and the second Chinese to win the Wolf Mathematics Prize after Chen Province. . In 1993, he was elected as a member of the American Academy of Sciences, and in 1994 he became a member of the Taiwan Academy of Sciences and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Qiu Chengdong

Professor Qiu Chengdong is the younger brother of Academician Qiu Chengtong. He has also made a large number of original innovations in international frontier research areas such as mathematics, applied mathematics and cybernetics, computer science, financial mathematics, and bioinformatics. It was the first successful application of the Lie algebra to the hypersurface singularities in algebraic geometry, and today this algebra is known by its peers as the Yau algebra. Professor Qiu Chengdong and his collaborators also solved a central problem in non-linear filtering theory (solved the Mitter conjecture) and completely solved the theoretical problem of non-linear filters. This has a profound impact on modern industry, including the defense industry. . In June 2011, Professor Qiu Chengdong resigned his permanent position at the University of Illinois at Chicago, accepted an invitation from Tsinghua University, and worked full-time at the Department of Mathematical Sciences of Tsinghua University.

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