www.hg12vip2.com I personally like 10 military American dramas!

I personally like 10 military American dramas!

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"Seal Six" is being broadcast in the second season, and "Lonely Ship" is scheduled to be broadcast this month.

Recommended are British and American dramas with modern military themes, I hope you enjoy!

Seal Six Team Six

The second season is airing

After 14 years of successfully completing the killing of a Taliban leader in Afghanistan by the Sixth Division of the US Navy Seals, it was discovered that American citizens cooperated with terrorists. This play is based on a mission that has happened in reality. The location of each season is different. The first season is set in Africa.

In the second season, the SEAL Team 6 will enter the Eastern Europe together with CIA senior operations officer, penetrate into hostile territories such as Chechnya, terrorist hotspots to investigate the underground network of jihad, and hunt down Tamerlin Shishoni.

The Last Ship

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