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Big sisters active on the women's volleyball field

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At present, the Chinese women's volleyball team's record in the World Women's Volleyball League is not satisfactory. The generally accepted views are that they are young, lack of experience, less training time, and lack of tacit understanding. Compared with the sisters of these national teams, some 30-year-old veterans are active. They are also the pillars of their respective teams and are enjoying the happy hours brought by volleyball at the end of their careers.

Wang Yimei was in the right place this year. From the debut of 18-year-old Wang Yimei in 2006, he quickly occupied the main position of the main attack until the end of the 2012 London Olympics. People thought that London was the end of Wang Yimei, but everyone was wrong again. Wang Yimei is still active in the league. Her smash is still sharp. Although the bounce is not as high as before, but the skill is still there. Know where she ends.

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