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You just know everything, but you're not so proficient!

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A private letter was received on Weibo, a message from a senior student.

He told me that he was busy looking for a job recently. Looking at his rich experience in activities on his resume, he thought it was easy to find a job. However, after several resumes were screened out, he was all eliminated, and even had no chance for an interview.

However, Xiao Li, another roommate who went to the same place, had a mediocre resume. Apart from his good academic performance, he didn't have many outstanding places, but he entered the interview many times, and eventually took the lead in obtaining the ideal offer.

After listening to the words of the schoolboy, I was also very surprised, so he asked him to take a resume and take a photo for me to see.

When I saw it, I was really taken aback. In the professional column of the resume, the four words of civil engineering are clearly written, but the internship experience below is occupied by a bunch of irrelevant things, either the event host, or the first prize of a certain entrepreneurial contest, or the supermarket Shopping guide internship.

Whatever experience I have, I have no professional-related work experience.

I told the students that the civil engineering major you study, the company needs a technical staff, your own professional knowledge is the most important. The company does not require you to know so much. Even if you have a lot of knowledge, you don't need to write all of them when you submit your resume. You can write a part of it with emphasis.

Sometimes you know too much and are not suitable for the position you are applying for. Because your first impression to the interviewer is: This person knows everything but may not be as proficient.

Many times, jobs require specialists, not full talents.


Because of writing, there are always a variety of people who come to ask questions about the operation and writing of public accounts.

A few days ago, a stranger added me as a friend. When I came up, I pointed to my article and public account, saying that it is not good here, there is no right, and who should study the article, and see which operating routines. ...

Then, he told me a bunch of ways to make money by writing, and told me to start classes and join some paid WeChat groups.

After listening to his explanation, I was ecstatic at first, thinking whether I stepped on the shit and met a nobleman today. He told me so many tips. This person must be a master of writing and public account operation. .

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