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Regal Finger (Folk Story)

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One night, the rich man James drove back to the hilltop villa where he lived. The car drove to the mountainside, and a tree fell on the road in front of it, blocking the way. At night, the tree fell on the road for no reason. It was very strange. The two bodyguards got out of the car and searched carefully on both sides of the road to ensure safety before moving the trees. The tree was too heavy and it took a lot of effort for the bodyguards to move away. James was sitting at the window and smoking a cigar leisurely. Suddenly, he noticed that there was a red dot jumping on the left hand holding the cigar. Before he could react, the middle finger exploded and he couldn't help but loud Called out ...

James was quickly taken to the hospital. After initial treatment, the police who came to the police came to take notes for James. The policeman asked, "Mr. James, who do you think would send a sniper to interrupt your finger?"

James growled: "Who else? Of course it's Julie!" He reached out his left hand, raised his ring finger, and complained: "It's all because of this damn wedding ring!"

James was a handsome boy when he was young, and fell in love with and married the billionaire Mike's only daughter, Julie. After the marriage, the two loved each other. Mike was accustomed to the merits of Vanity Fair. He was worried that the poor boy James and the plain-looking Julie would marry his wealth. Therefore, when he was dying, Mike made a strange will, stipulating that the estate should be inherited by James. Inherited with Julie, but if James' wedding ring falls off the ring finger, James will lose the right to inherit. This is a marriage guarantee provided by Mike to daughter Julie. James was fat in his middle age, and his wedding ring was already in the flesh. He would not fall off without tools. In other words, once James wanted to divorce Julie and take off the wedding ring, he lost huge wealth.

In fact, this does not limit James. James's not divorce does not mean that he cannot find another Xinhuan Jinwu Zangjiao. He gradually neglected Julie, but later separated, and his marriage survived. Julie was disheartened and recently proposed a divorce, but James disagreed. Julie knew he was reluctant to property, and offered to share the property. James was ecstatic and immediately agreed. As long as the two signed the property division agreement, James would be able to remove the ring in good faith without being restricted by Mike's will.

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