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Traffic accident at Luopingfa Jindian Tunnel exit ...

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At 22:57 on June 3, the Luoping fire brigade received a public alarm saying that a traffic accident occurred at the exit of the Fajindian Tunnel on the Luoping section of the Shankun Expressway, leaving one person trapped in a critical condition. After receiving the police, the brigade immediately dispatched a car and 7 people to the scene for disposal.

At 23:20, rescue officers and soldiers arrived at the scene. After investigation and inquiries, the insider learned that due to the blurred vision of the rain, the van and the truck traveling ahead severely rearranged, causing the vehicle cab to deform. A young male driver ’s right His legs were stuck.

In an emergency, the rescue team used a hydraulic demolition tool group to dismantle the door of the truck's cab. On the basis of ensuring that the trapped person did not cause secondary injuries, the rescue team cleared the surrounding area of the trapped person by manual and demolition tools. Obstruct the obstacles that affect the rescue, such as falling parts, and provide psychological guidance to the trapped people while they rescue.

After 20 minutes, the trapped driver was successfully rescued and handed over 120 ambulances to the hospital for treatment.

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