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Super or not? What should I do if the speed of the vehicle in front of the high-speed tunnel is too slow?

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Those who drive know that in the tunnels on the expressway, overtaking is explicitly prohibited in order to cause unnecessary accidents. But it is inevitable that you will be busy on the road, but the speed of the car in front is very slow. At this time, it is neither overtaking nor overtaking. What should I do?

If you are really in a hurry, the speed of the car in front is too slow, you can press the horn to indicate, and the alternate light switch will attract the attention of the vehicle in front and remind him to speed up. At this time, some novices do not understand this meaning, and some old car owners will turn a blind eye. If this happens, there is nothing you can do. Be patient and follow the vehicle ahead slowly. Talk until you get out of the tunnel. However, some very long tunnels are dotted in some places in the middle. As long as you seize the opportunity, you can also speed up to pass the vehicles ahead, but you must pay attention to driving safety.

In the process of driving, there are many places worthy of our attention. Especially the speed limit in the tunnel. Generally speaking, the speed limit of vehicles in the tunnel is relatively slow. If the speed on the highway is one hundred or one hundred and two, it suddenly drops to eighty or sixty. This is the same as a drop in our real life, which makes it difficult to accept at once, so I feel that the vehicle in front is moving so slowly. In fact, the opposite is true. At this time, if you suddenly accelerate over the opponent, it is likely to be based on overspeed, so try not to overtake if you can not overtake in the tunnel.

Friends who drive vehicles also need to pay attention to the sudden dimming of light when entering and exiting the tunnel, which will affect our vision. There will be a black and dark feeling when entering the tunnel. I do n’t know what road conditions are ahead. It will take a few seconds to react and exit When the light is suddenly strong, it also makes our eyes uncomfortable, so we need to control our speed when entering and exiting the tunnel, which is also the main reason for limiting the speed in the tunnel.

So here are a few suggestions for everyone. If we encounter a tunnel on the highway, the first thing to do is to slow down, and make psychological preparations for the light to become dark after entering the tunnel. Lights so that you can adapt yourself to the road conditions in the tunnel in time to prevent unnecessary accidents. Even if you find that the speed of the car in front is very slow during the re-driving process, you have to be particularly anxious, and you must wait patiently for the tunnel to speed up after passing.

Finally, let ’s say: everything is rushed, but the slogans on the road are also ten accidents and nine times fast. Friends who drive must control the speed when passing through the tunnel, and the slow driving of the car is just for safety. We should also calm down. It wo n’t take long for the tunnel to go out anyway, why bother with this time, let alone safety is what we need most, and please follow the law and keep a good attitude and drive safely. And always be safe.

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