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In love, these three performances of women make men not want to love anymore!

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Some people say: "A person's feelings are fragile at the touch of a touch, and at the same time they are hard and indestructible." And the firmness of feelings often depends on the words and deeds of two people. Those who know how to manage feelings will become more and more emotional. The more indomitable, and the person who does not know how to manage feelings, even if there are no external factors, the feelings will be broken at the touch, and they can no longer return to the original starting point. Therefore, in the world of love, there is no such kind of happiness that is easily available. In love, the three performances of women make men not want to love anymore. Do n’t wait until you lose to know and regret it!

1.It always says that he is no better than others

In love, you shouldn't have made a comparison. You have a man who loves you very much, but you are not satisfied. You always think that your girlfriend's husband will make more money than him, and which classmate's boyfriend is higher than his position. When you say it occasionally, he may feel that you want to motivate him and let him work hard.

But if you always compare him with others from time to time, and you always feel that he is inferior to others, then his self-esteem will be hurt by his favorite person again and again. As a woman, you should know that you should n’t always talk about it, once or twice is enough. In fact, he already knows what you want to show, and continue to talk, it will only make him do not want to love anymore.

For men, self-esteem is his bottom line. If a woman does not take care of a man's self-esteem, she will slowly lose the love of a man, and love will be broken at the touch of a finger.

2. Always want to know all his whereabouts

Between lovers, you really need to know what to do, but you also need to give the other party appropriate space. A wise woman knows that this is a degree. It is necessary to grasp this degree well and give the man a little personal space. He cannot let the man feel that his every move is like a beast in a cage, which is very restricted.

Smart women will show proper care for men when inquiring, making men feel that someone is caring about him, rather than restricting him. If you always dig deeper and ask again and again where he went, who he got to, and what he did, it will make men feel that you have no basic trust in him. Even if it was only for dinner with friends, and seeing a bunch of messages from you, you would not want to return to you, just spoof it, and you would not want to be with you in the end.

Therefore, women have to learn to speak in a different way, and the results will be very surprising. Leave him alone, but tell him: "I miss you, I'm waiting for you" or "I worry about you, you need to come back sooner."

3. Always jealous of him

The foundation of people-to-people interaction is trust, especially among lovers. Woman, when a man makes a little mistake, he has random suspicions. Even if he has explained to you many times, you are still only willing to believe your own conjecture. In doing so, the man will feel very tired, and even tangled in his heart, thinking that you no longer love him.

In fact, not being trusted is a very helpless feeling. If you truly love him, you should also think about his feelings in other places. In the emotional world, if you don't give him a trust, he will also reduce his love for you. In the end, he was tired, he didn't have the energy to coax you, explained it many times, and didn't want to love you anymore.

If feelings are a tall building, then trust is the foundation, and feelings without trust are at stake. In the end, maybe a trivial matter will completely break down the feelings.

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