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Frequent recalls, what happened to the former Mitsubishi, and the current Mitsubishi is moving

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Regarding Mitsubishi, everyone's most impressive is probably Mitsubishi's engine, and because of the good reputation at the time, many domestic car companies that were just starting out in order to be able to add points to the engine, they have adopted Mitsubishi's engines; In fact, Mitsubishi's cars are also very popular in our country. For example, Wingshen, Pajero, Outlander are all Mitsubishi's hot models in China.

The reason why such word-of-mouth proves that the former Mitsubishi was also a technologically capable car company, why say it? In recent years, Mitsubishi has been increasingly sorry for the trust and support of consumers, and the reputation of various models has become more and more popular. The quality of frequently recalled hot models is worrying.

Frequent recalls of imported Outlander, worrying quality

On July 3, 2017, Mitsubishi began recalling some imported Outlander models, involving a total of 17,678 products in mainland China, related to engine gearbox failures, and some door lock components not meeting specifications; November 6, 2017 Mitsubishi announced that it will start recalling some models manufactured between December 5, 2014 and July 4, 2016. This time, a total of 25,893 vehicles in mainland China were involved. The main reason for the recall is that there are multiple engines. Hidden security issues.

Seeing the cause of the recall, many people may feel that the brand is still the original brand, and the quality is no longer the original quality. It's not surprising to have such a sigh. You must understand that the gearbox and the engine are two of the three most important places in a car. You actually have a problem. The original "you" is a benchmark in this regard. Now it is so degraded. As a consumer, it is not surprising.

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