hg3001.com Printer can also complete new tricks, Cuckoo GT1 experience evaluation

Printer can also complete new tricks, Cuckoo GT1 experience evaluation

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Speaking of printers, I believe that many people are familiar with them. They are used when working and working. The small tickets for shopping in supermarkets and supermarkets are printed out through printers. At present, printers are also divided into many types, including inkjet and toner. , Ribbons, thermal sensors, etc. Nowadays, smart technology products have emerged endlessly, and printers have also played new tricks, which can be placed in their pockets. When you want to use them, you can print with a Bluetooth connection on your phone. The author will take everyone Take a look at this amazing printer "MEMOBIRD".

First of all, let's take a look at the packaging of this Cuckoo machine. The author received the classic one this time. The packaging style looks like that small and fresh. The front side of the box has the English MEMOBIRD logo and product renderings. The back side is the product. The function information and manufacturer information, I learned from the official website mall that the model of this product is GT1.

After opening the box and taking out all the items, the Cuckoo GT1 has relatively few accessories. In addition to the printer host, there is also a USB charging cable and instructions.

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