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Ink Danqing Painting Wonderland Xiamen Zhonghaiwan Sales Center

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[Pacific Home Network Design Channel] Chinese ink painting has a long history and a long tradition. It is reflected in the artistic image of "counting white as black". The simple and plain picture is rich in meaning, conveying the most information with few elements. The paintings all become wonderland ".

[Project Information]

Project Name: Xiamen Zhonghai · Shangwan Sales Center

Project owner: Zhangzhou Zhonghai Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Main design: Luo Haifeng, Huang Jiajian

Participated in the design: Wang Shuangshuang

Design area: 694 square meters

The Zhonghai • Shangwan Sales Center is located in Zhangzhou, Xiamen, which is a rich “Southern Fujian water town” with elegant charm.

The designer is well aware of the nature of southern Fujian culture, with the premise of "do not destroy the environment and live up to the landscape". During the design process, the elements such as mountains, water and stone were extracted with simple composition and pen and ink. The charm of space, skilled in the methods of blank space, landscape, light and darkness, step-by-step change of scenes, etc., use virtual reality to resemble nature and transcend nature, so that people can experience the beauty of the new Chinese-style elegant artistic mood in a state of mindfulness. No matter how much, it's all about love.

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