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Wonderful Review of the 1st Parent-Child Fun Memorization of Tang Poems

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Introduction: Reading poems is beautiful. "Three hundred poems of the Tang Dynasty are read well, and poetry is also condensed." Poetry is the condensed wisdom of the ancients. Children who read more poems are better than ordinary people in understanding and expression. Therefore, Belle Kingdom recently held a special parent-child Tang Dynasty poem competition, which gave birth to a group of outstanding little poets.

At 9 o'clock on June 2nd, the first parent-child fun-back Tang poetry competition in the Belle Kingdom of Jinan started to sign in. At 9:30, accompanied by the beautiful guzheng sound of Wang Enxi, a beautiful girl from Shan Yinqin, the Tang Poem Competition officially kicked off.

Come and follow the editor to feel the tension and joyful atmosphere at the scene ~

In the first round of the game, within the prescribed 3 minutes, the most accurate baby will be memorized, and the baby will win. He will be awarded the title of "Big Poet", and the Belle Kingdom will give out exciting and surprising prizes. After fierce competition, the two babies won the "back poem master" of this competition with 14 and 12 respectively. It is commendable that they are only four or five years old.

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