hg599688.com Look at Gintama, open your mind, and let's take a college entrance examination composition together!

Look at Gintama, open your mind, and let's take a college entrance examination composition together!

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The college entrance examination is about to happen. Today we will talk about the college entrance examination composition. It sounds like it doesn't have much to do with Gintama, but you know, the narrator Jun will do everything possible to relate this matter to Gintama! In fact, the opening remarks are for friends who have not seen the contents of the official Wanshiwu public account. The real opening remarks are: the college entrance exam is coming soon, this hotspot still needs to be stunned! (shameless

Originally, I wanted to write an 800-word essay with "One Brain Hole" as an inscription. Now, Narrator Jun feels that we can open a brain hole together and press this college entrance examination composition question!

On this day, Bantian Yinshi flipped through the newspaper, dug her nostrils, and vomited that she had to take the college entrance examination again. She said that once the current college entrance examination for children is over, the study life is completely over. The next three years of college are erosive lives. In the last year, I thought of starting to look for a job, and then found that I would have nothing. The interview was brushed down, and then the vicious circle continued. I didn't know that I would come to Wanshiwu to do a part-time job or something!

Xinbatucao Yin, Wanshiwu has no money to take part-time jobs, but also has to take care of incidental breakfast, lunch and dinner. No money to mention, fare will be given at least a red envelope after the New Year, during the New Year Also banned, saying that it is for the sake of purity, which is really only A Yin can do it!

Yin Sang was dissatisfied, saying that this is to exercise the will to be part-time friends, hone well, go out and say that he graduated from the Everything House, big companies will want, like what kind of Kinder beep, McBill this This company is not afraid of finding a job, so young people should not just look at them! Go further! Just like the composition of the college entrance examination, do you think that is an ordinary composition! !! That question will affect your life!

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