http://www.hg509.com/ How is gastric cancer staged? The stage of gastric cancer treatment is very important, one article teaches you to understand the stage of gastric cancer

How is gastric cancer staged? The stage of gastric cancer treatment is very important, one article teaches you to understand the stage of gastric cancer

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Gastric cancer is currently a relatively high incidence of gastrointestinal malignancies in China. Compared with other countries, the incidence of gastric cancer has remained high. Therefore, some experts have pointed out that this has a great relationship with early screening of gastric cancer. Generally, gastric cancer, like all cancers, will be staged first, and then the relevant treatment plan is being formulated. So how is gastric cancer staged? How much does gastric cancer treatment have to do with staging? Let's take a closer look:

Gastric cancer is generally divided into three stages, early gastric cancer, intermediate gastric cancer, and advanced gastric cancer.

What is early gastric cancer

Early gastric cancer means that there is no lymph node metastasis, and the disease location is in the diaphragm or has invaded the diaphragm. After the surgical treatment, no adjuvant treatment is needed. If metastasis occurs, chemotherapy is needed For the adjuvant therapy, you can choose FAM, FAP, EAP and other schemes.

What is intermediate gastric cancer

Mid-stage gastric cancer can be clinically estimated as stage E, E gastric cancer, and the gastric cancer tumors at this time are relatively large, and the cell differentiation is also poor, and some patients may also have serous membrane infiltration. If conditions permit, surgical treatment can be carried out as early as possible, which can increase the success rate of surgical treatment. Adjuvant treatment is required regardless of whether metastatic gastric cancer has occurred. If the patient's physical conditions allow, combined chemotherapy can be performed.

Selenium is an anti-cancer element. The blood selenium concentration of cancer patients is significantly lower, such as gastric cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, nasopharyngeal colon cancer, etc., and their whole blood and blood. Plasma selenium levels are significantly lower. Therefore, chemotherapy or radiotherapy There is a scientific basis for using selenium to treat cancer. MIilner et al. Reported that selenium can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in vivo at a non-toxic level and is a promising anticancer agent. Some people believe that the inhibition of selenium on tumor glycolysis, in addition to having a direct effect on tumors, also has a certain effect on host metabolism.

Hecun natural selenium has an anti-tumor effect. The blood selenium content of tumor patients is lower than that of normal people. Low selenium in tumor patients can lead to distant metastasis of the tumor, multiple tumors, high malignancy, and easy to relapse.

What is advanced gastric cancer

Advanced gastric cancer is also commonly referred to as stage N patients in clinical practice. This type of patients generally includes two types, one is a patient with recurrence after surgery, and the other is unable to undergo surgery. At this time, the treatment of these patients is mainly through chemotherapy. And some other adjuvant treatments to treat, if there is metastasis to other sites, palliative surgery or radiotherapy may be needed if necessary.

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