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Desktop installation system steps how to reinstall the Lenovo desktop computer

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[Introduction]: There may be many friends who will not install computer systems, so today I will give you a step-by-step procedure for installing a desktop computer. Friends who ca n’t know can look at it, and do n’t need to trouble others next time. Actually, desktops and notes
There may be many friends who will not install the computer system, so today I will give you a step by step to install the system on a desktop computer. Friends who ca n’t know can check it out, so you do n’t need to worry about installing the system next time.
In fact, there is no difference between a desktop computer and a laptop computer in reinstalling the system. Of course, there are also special tutorials, such as the desktop computer reinstallation system step tutorial, how to reinstall the desktop computer system? Then the desktop computer system reinstallation is specific. What are the steps? Now let ’s take a look at the details below according to the "Step-by-step Guide to Desktop Computer Reinstallation System" tutorial!
Steps for installing the system on a desktop computer
The so-called optical boot means that the computer first reads the optical drive when it starts up. In this way, if there is a CD with optical boot function in the optical drive, it can be read before the hard disk starts (such as when installing the system from the CD).
Setting method:
1. Start the computer and press and hold the DEL key until the BIOS setup window appears (usually with a blue background and yellow English characters).
2. Select and enter the second item, "BIOS SETUP". Find the item or group containing the word BOOT in it, and find the three items "FIRST", "SECEND", and "THIRD" in order, which respectively represent "first startup", "second startup", and "third startup". Here we set in order to "CD-ROM drive", "floppy drive" and "hard disk". (If you do not see these three E-texts on this page, usually the option menu on the right of BOOT is "SETUP", then press Enter to enter.) You should select "FIRST" and press the Enter key. Select CD-ROM in the submenu. Press enter
3. After selecting the startup mode, press F10 key, the E text dialog box appears, press the "Y" key (optional), and press Enter, the computer automatically restarts, proving that the changed settings have taken effect.
Steps for installing the system on a desktop computer Step 2. Install the XP system from the CD
Insert the XP installation CD before restarting. When you see the CD text at the bottom of the screen, press Enter. In order to realize light start, otherwise the computer starts to read the hard disk, that is, skips light start and starts from the hard disk.
After the XP system disk is turned on, there is a blue background installation interface. At this time, the system will automatically analyze the computer information without any operation until the monitor screen turns black, and then the Chinese interface with a blue background appears.
At this time, the protocol of the XP system first appears. Press F8 (the agreement is agreed). After that, you can see the information list of all partitions of the hard disk, and there are operating instructions in Chinese. Select the C drive and press the D key to delete the partition (remember to make a backup of the useful files of the C drive before). The position of the C drive becomes "Unpartitioned", and then press the C at the original C drive position (that is, the "Unpartitioned" position). Key to create a partition, the partition size does not need to be adjusted. After that, the position of the original C drive has changed to "new unused". Press Enter to continue.
The Formatting Partition Options page may appear next. It is recommended to select "Format FAT32 (Fast)". Press enter to continue.
The system started formatting the C drive, and it was fast. After formatting, the analysis of the hard disk and the previous WINDOWS operating system is equally fast, followed by copying files, which takes about 8 to 13 minutes (depending on the configuration of the machine).
After copying the files (100%), the system will restart automatically. At this time, when you see the CD-ROM again ....., you don't need to press any key to start the system from the hard disk, because part of the installation file is already Copy it to the hard disk (Note: the disc cannot be removed at this time).
A colorful XP installation interface with a blue background appears on the left with an installation progress bar and remaining time display. The initial value is 39 minutes, which is also determined by the configuration of the machine. Usually, the installation time of P4 and 2.4 machines is about 15 to 20 minutes .
At this point until the end of the installation, before the computer automatically restarts, you do not need to do anything other than enter the serial number and computer information (fill in at will), and press Enter twice or three times. The system will complete the installation automatically.

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