hg2mes.com They are poisonous "killers", eat a little every day, drain the moisture for 35 days, and flatten your belly

They are poisonous "killers", eat a little every day, drain the moisture for 35 days, and flatten your belly

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:47:19

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

As the saying goes, ten fat people and nine of them are very humid, but they do n’t eat much but they are very fat. If the humidity is heavy, usually dehumidify more, you can eat some food with better dehumidification effect.
Red beans, barley, spleen and dampness tea, coix seed, Poria, lotus leaf, and people with heavy moisture will be swollen. Red bean coix seed, Poria cocos, lotus leaf tea will have a good effect on spleen and dampness. Bian is also drinking this tea, it tastes good and the tea is clean.
Do you often skip breakfast with red bean and rice noodles? In fact, red beans and rice noodles can be used as meal replacement powder. If you stick to it in the morning, you will have full stomach and dampness, eliminate edema and lose weight.
Winter melon lotus leaf tea buys 3 get 1 free. Winter melon lotus leaf tea has the effect of degreasing, moisturizing bowel and detoxification, can improve your taste, make your taste lighter, and eat less greasy food.
The vinegar-soaked ginger tablets have good dehumidifying effect. After soaking the vinegar, ginger can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also dehumidify. Three tablets a day, nourishing and healthy.
Changbai Mountain genuine wild premium clove leaf nourishing tea. Warm stomach clove leaf has a good stomach nourishing effect. For people with a bad spleen and stomach, moisture is more likely to invade. Drink some clove tea for a better stomach and healthier
Hawthorn cassia seed corn tonic spleen dehumidifying tea to dampen moisture This cup is corn whisker hawthorn cassia seed tea, which can not only remove dampness but also intestinal laxative and help you toxins.
Stir-fried indica rice with red beans and cooked barley tea with red beans has a good dehumidifying effect. Drink it in a glass every day for good spirits and good health.
500 grams of Poria cocoa powder, a specialty product of Beijing, has its dehumidifying effect. The white surface of this Poria cake is made of Poria powder. Delicious little wet mouthpiece.
Belle's Red Date Walnut, Chinese Wolfberry, Purple Potato Oatmeal 428gX3 Pack Purple Potato has dehumidifying effect. Purple potato oats can promote intestinal peristalsis, defecation, and help you toxins and moisture are removed. The moisture is gone, and the belly is small.

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