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How to fry beautiful dumplings? Craftsman stealing from the stall

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(2012-06-01 08:55:26)
Although children are under 14 years of age,
But there is no rule that children over the age of 14 are not allowed to celebrate Children's Day, right?
So hey, seize the opportunity, have fun, and be crazy.
The children of Zheng Ba Ba enjoy their childhood happiness.
Friends of the over-aged small bowl, remember the innocent years that passed away together. . .
Everyone, Happy Children's Day! !! !!
I heard there is a saying that the thief will not go short.
Well, it's not just a thief. . . Eaters also take out food. They always want to go home.
Of course, what we "shun" is not a substance. (Those who want to "shun" must have the guts and cheeks ...)
However, what we return is often more precious than the entity.
For example, today's pot dumplings. . .
The skill of the frying pan paste was stolen from the stall.
One day I was hungry and went to eat dumplings on a nearby stall. Just after the first pot was sold out, I waited for the second pot. I stood next to the stove and did n’t leave the pot. It's crazy. . .
Only I understand it. . . Well, I stole the craft for free again. . .
. . .
How to fry beautiful dumplings?
Material: Dumplings, water, cooking oil
1. Put the wrapped dumplings in a pan and arrange them. Leave a gap between the dumplings and the dumplings.
2. Add half a bowl of water, just a little more than the bottom of the dumplings.
3. Drop a few drops of cooking oil to prevent sticking to the bottom.
4. Lamb cover, cook until the water is almost dry.
5. Pour in cooking oil. The amount of cooking oil at this time is about the same as that of fried food.
6. Fry over medium heat until the skin at the bottom of the dumplings turns golden.
1. The oil was put twice during the whole frying process. The first time was to prevent the pan from sticking during cooking, and the second time was frying. It only takes a few drops for the first time, and you can put more in the second time, and you can reuse the dumplings after frying.
2. Be sure to cook with water before frying, so that the dumplings can be cooked through.
Look at it again, beauty, look at this one morning, I'm so hungry, and swallowed. . . Hi. . . .

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