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Take a hot spring on the weekend and take a trip! Take you to soak, take you to fly!

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Dear friends from Dipen, how can you keep warm and cold when the weather is getting colder? Is it only a cruel way to post? No, no, no, let us indulge in the weekend. . . Warm bar together. . . Enjoy hot springs! !! !! The quiz take the chance! !! !!
Emeishan Four Hot Springs
When it comes to hot springs, Mount Emei must be second to none. Mount Emei has the largest hot spring resorts: Hongzhushan Hot Spring, Lingxiu Hot Spring, Mount Emei Yoga Hot Spring, and Mount Emei Tianyi Hot Spring. Among them, Mount Emei Tianyi Hot Spring, because of its long mineralization age, is known as "the first spring of Sinian" and "China's water of the same age". Lingxiu Hot Spring is the largest hot spring resort in western China.
Tips: Hongzhushan Hot Spring is located in Hongzhushan Hotel, Lingxiu Hot Spring is located in Lingxiu Garden of Emeishan Hot Spring Hotel at the foot of Mount Emei, Emeishan Yoga Hot Spring is located in Emeishan Hotel. Lingxiu Hot Spring is about 118 yuan / person, Hongzhushan Hot Spring is about 138 / person, Tianyi Hot Spring is about 88 yuan / person, and Emeishan Yoga Hot Spring is about 60 yuan / person.
By car: Xinnanmen Station, Emeishan Passenger Transport Center (located in Emeishan City), every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 2 hours and the fare is 45 yuan.
Self-driving: Shangchengya Expressway, Chengle Expressway to Leshan, via Le'e Expressway to Emei.
Zhougongshan Hot Spring
What Zhou Gongshan is familiar to tourists is not its slightly ordinary scenery, but the hot spring which is called "the first soup of Shushan" and is mined more than 3,000 meters underground. Zhougongshan Hot Spring is actually monopolized by Tianfu Hot Spring Hotel. The hotel is a garden-style hotel. The hot spring pools have different pool temperatures. Tourists can choose different hot spring pools according to their needs. There is a wooden house built in the hotel, which gives people a feeling of returning to the park.
Tips: The Yagong Zhougongshan Hot Spring Park is 6 kilometers away from Ya'an City. It takes about 1.2 hours by car from Chengdu to Chengdu-Ya'an Expressway. The price of hot spring is about 50 yuan / person. (E purchase price 40 yuan / person) Hotel: Hot Spring Hotel includes hot spring, breakfast and other expenses.
Food: Casserole Yayu, Shunhe Chaoshou, Lan Shifu Tart Noodles
Self-driving line: Chengdu Jingchengya Expressway-Ya'an-Zhougongshan
Shifang Happy Valley Hot Spring
The unique one-vote system is perfect for a family to have fun. The hot spring is an open-air bath built entirely in the valley along the river, and consists of 12 pools.
Location: Located in Amazing Happy Valley, west of Mount Hua
Ticket price: 180 yuan / person (one ticket system)
Food: Shifang snacks, wild vegetables, red and white tofu, Dan's tofu
Self-driving route: Chengdu Jingcheng Peng Expressway-Pengzhou Jingcheng Mian Expressway (multi-line) Expressway-Shifang via Guangqing Highway-Happy Valley
West Hot Springs Grand Canyon
This hot spring is currently the most game-loving hot spring. It is the largest open natural ecological outdoor hot spring bath in Asia. There are more than 20 large and small hot springs; petal hot spring, floor hot spring, drug hot spring, wine hot spring, vinegar hot spring and milk hot spring. Wait. Soak in the hot spring at night, listen to the roar of the Jinsha River, endless fun.
Tips: Hot spring consumption is around 70 yuan / person. Grand Canyon Hotel Restaurant offers special Sichuan and Yunnan dishes.
Self-driving lines: Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway-Neijiang-Neiyi Expressway-Yibin-Yishui Expressway-Water rich, water rich dedicated passageway to the scenic area. The 37 kilometers from Yibin to the Grand Canyon are mountain roads, and there are many vehicles, so you need to slow down and drive carefully.
Gulgou Hot Spring
Here is the most widely used hot spring water, soaked in thirst, you can put your mouth in the hot spring outlet and drink directly. Gulgou Hot Spring is part of the Miyalhongye Scenic Area. It is located on the 213 national highway Chengdu to Malkang, Miyaluo, and Zoige. The traffic is convenient, and tourists in the past are happy to rest here and wash away all the dust.
Location: Located at Zagunao River under Shenfeng Mountain in Gulgou, Li County
Tickets: 68 yuan / person for large pool, 98 yuan / person for Tibetan private rooms, 200 yuan / room for single room (bathtub)
Food: potato tartare, cordyceps duck, finger meat, blood sausage, etc.
Self-driving lines: Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Xuankou-Yingxiu-Wenchuan-Lixian-Bipengou-Gulgou Hot Spring
Kangding Erdaoqiao Hot Spring
Due to the inconvenience of entering and leaving the Kangzang area, Kangding Erdaoqiao Hot Spring has become the most timely hot spring. The water temperature is around 40 ℃, the spring water is pouring from the ground, the pool water is clear, and some of the spring water is pouring like boiling water. Presumably, after the bumps of the long distance, you are jumping into the hot spring with dust and shame, which is really cool.
Location: Located on the Yarra River on the northern outskirts of Kangding, 4 kilometers from Kangding County
Tickets: 15 yuan, 25 yuan, 35 yuan / person for indoor booths, 35 yuan / person for outdoor pools
Food: Traditional Tibetan meal
Self-driving line: Chengdu-Ya'an-Tianquan-Luding-Kangding-Erdaoqiao
Dayi Huashuiwan Hot Spring
Nearest to Chengdu, the most mature hot spring area, about 80 kilometers one way from Chengdu. The road conditions are good and you can leave as long as you want. After crazy play in Xiling Snow Mountain, soak in Huashuiwan Hot Spring, absolutely relax and relax.
Ticket price: General hot spring is about 30 yuan / person. When booking at a hotel, the hotel generally provides one-stop service including room, room and play.
Gourmet: Huang Zhicha, Tangchang Tofu, Chestnut Ping Bayberry, Ginkgo, Kiwi
Self-driving line: Chengdu → Su Dongpo Road → Chengwenjing Expressway → Dayi County → Huashuiwan (about 1 hour and 40 minutes).
Hailuogou Hot Spring
The most romantic hot spring is a hot spring bathed in ice and snow, surrounded by a pack of silver elements. You are soaking in the pool, but your thoughts drift down from the infinite sky with snowflakes, dancing slowly in the air, refreshing, the charm of heaven and earth, and the magic of nature, all at once in this moment.
Location: Located at Gongga Shentang in Hailuogou Glacier Park at the foot of Gongga Snow Peak, Sichuan Province
Ticket price: 70 yuan / person, and you need to buy a sightseeing fare of about 70 yuan
Food: Cordyceps chicken, Fritillaria hen, Gastrodia elbow, pickled bacon, wild vegetables, etc.
Self-driving line: Chengdu-Ya'an-Yingjing-Asbestos to Luding direction- Hailuogou
Luofushan Hot Spring
The water vapor rises on Luofu Mountain all the year round, the clouds are misty, the mountain is steep, and it has the characteristics of karst landforms. In addition to the Buddhist Feiming Academy, Taoist Yuqing View, and Tianxian View, there are also many ruins of the Qiang City Walled Village. Lying in the open-air hot spring pool to watch the scenery and listen to the bamboo Tao is really a great life enjoyment.
Location: Mid-mountainside of Luofu Mountain, An County
Ticket price: 58 yuan / person, if the hotel reservation includes hot spring price
Food: steak hot pot, rice noodles, dry pot
Self-driving line: Cheng Peng-Cheng Mian Double Line-Mianzhu Exit, turn to S105-Luofu Mountain Scenic Area
Huilonggou Hot Spring
Huilonggou is on the same tourist line as Danjing Mountain, Jiufeng Mountain, and Yinchanggou. There are different seasonal scenes throughout the year, so no matter what season you go to, don't worry about the game being too monotonous. Moreover, Pengzhou cuisine is also a big reason to go.
Location: Located in Baishuihe, Pengzhou
Ticket price: 50-100 yuan
Food: Spiced Braised Ribs, Plum Dumplings, Xiba Tofu
Self-driving route: From Chengdu, along Cheng Peng Dagu Road, via Dafeng, Danjingshan, Xiaoyudong, arrive at Huilonggou Scenic Resort in about one hour and 30 minutes.
Qingcheng Mountain Hot Spring
The health spa of Taoist culture in the Howard Johnson International Hotel Qingcheng at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain is built on the mountain, staggered and elegant, returning to simplicity. The annual water temperature here is around 42 ℃, which is rich in various mineral materials and trace elements.
Location: Howard Johnson International Hotel Qingcheng, 88 Qingcheng Avenue, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City.
Fares: Original price 258 yuan, online purchase 145 yuan -188 yuan
Food: Liang chicken, ginkgo stewed chicken
Tear so much, is it right? Hey, what I want is this effect. Go to work tomorrow, and Kuan started planning to travel next weekend! Little friends, hurry up Mark!
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