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Summer Summer Tour in Beijing

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

In the summer of Beijing, the air was filled with heat and noise, making people unable to calm down and even having trouble breathing. At this time, a pool of cold clear water will fulfill everyone's desire to relax and breathe freely.
Cooling experience of white river rafting in the east
Baihewan is a rafting place highly respected by drifting friends. The 50-meter-wide water surface is constantly flowing, surrounded by green hills on both sides of the strait, the sky is high, the water is long, closed your eyes, and rides down the river in a rubber boat. It rises and falls in the splashing water. Got it!
White river bay
The altitude of Baihe Bay Scenic Area is between 400-1000 meters, and the green vegetation coverage rate of the scenic area is more than 75%. The mountains are steep, the rocks are strange, the air is fresh, and the water is pure. It is enjoyable. It is an appreciation of natural landscapes, off-road, rafting, dining, An ideal place to stay, entertain, experience farm life, and relax tiredness.
The white river rafting is about 8 kilometers, the water flow is moderate, the reverse waves and the shoal are reasonable in layout. You can float on the raft in the water. The water is suddenly turbulent and smooth. The raft is sometimes drawn into a vortex, and it is calm and peaceful. You can experience it. The boat was swaying without fear of drowning. (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, WeChat: beijing-beijing-123) The drifting river section allows you to appreciate the nature of nature in the blue waves. Along the rafting, there are the Shangma Stone Site, Plank Road Site, Shiren, Wancang Stone, Half Cylinder Stone, Xiangma Cave, Ant Nest, Wuhu Mountain, Huashi and other landscapes of Chinese female general Mu Guiying. You can also drift to the "half-cylinder stone" and "10,000-cylinder stone" to see how deep their holes are. There is also a white duck playing in the water, let you experience the fun of drifting with the ducks!
It is normal for clothes to get wet during rafting. It is best to bring a clean set of clothes when you leave for replacement when you disembark. At the same time, it is best to bring a pair of plastic slippers for use on the boat. Don't bring cash and valuables on board while drifting to prevent overturning or other accidents; if you must take pictures, it is best to bring a waterproof camera and open it on flat beach. Children under the age of six are prohibited from rafting; children with high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and pregnant women are prohibited from rafting.
Water attractions: Xinyuanlai Baihewan Drifting Base
Xinyuanlai Villa is the first stop of Baihe rafting, and the transportation is convenient, and the bridge can be boarded. Xinyuanlai Villa covers an area of more than 30 acres. It is located in the beautiful Liulimiao Town of Huairou, surrounded by green mountains, surrounded by green water and simple folk customs.
Address: No. 15, Baihebei Village, Liulimiao Town, Huairou District (Near the bridgehead of Baihewan).
Self-driving route: Exit from the Huairou District of the Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, go straight to the open road, go straight around the island (towards Fengning, Yanqi Lake), go up Yanshan along National Highway 111, and continue through the two tunnels to the four leaf-shaped buildings on the right. Turn right afterwards, walk along the alley, cross the bridge and go straight to the lilac culture and play water Baihewan Xinyuan to rafting base. The whole journey is 100 kilometers and the driving time is about one and a half hours (referring to the time after the exit of Huairou).
Bus route: Take 936 buses from Dongzhimen to Qian'anling, but just change the bus midway when you are in Huaibeizhuang (or take 936 to Tanghekou), get off at Qian'anling Station, and then take a taxi A few minutes to Xinyuan to drift base.
West Waterside BBQ Fun
Most people like to barbecue near the water. If you have the same idea, the south bank of Shangzhuang Reservoir is definitely the best choice.
Shangzhuang Reservoir is the closest natural reservoir to the urban area. The waterfront park of Shangzhuang Reservoir is located by the river on the south bank of the reservoir. It can accommodate thousands of people and is a good place to go out for fishing, fishing, kite flying, barbecue, and picking.
Shangzhuang Reservoir
Grilling on the open river beach on the south bank, the sparkling water is almost within reach. After "long" expectation, the food was finally released-the taste of waiting in front of the grill while swallowing was really unforgettable. (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, WeChat: Beijing-Beijing-123)
Waterfront Park also launched a one-day outdoor barbecue in summer, a four-hour buffet barbecue, dozens of barbecue dishes, charcoal reservoir fish, charcoal three king chicken, etc., unlimited supply of beer and drinks. The equipment is also very complete. In addition to barbecue equipment, sun umbrellas, tables and chairs are also free of charge; in addition, there are fishing gear, hammocks, tug of war ropes, badminton rackets, poker, shuttlecocks and other thoughtful equipment for all-day fun!
In addition to barbecues, fishing and picking can be done by the reservoir. The job of fishing is still very intriguing. Fish food (live earthworms) must be caught on a hook that is about the same size as the mouth of the fish, so that the fish can be caught by eating it. People who hook the whole earthworm on a fishing hook are often familiar with it, so that they can fully experience the fun of fish-fishing.
I was busy grilling in the morning, having a drink while eating at noon, and waking up in a hammock for a while in the afternoon. I woke up and gathered three or five people to play a small card or go fishing, great!
Friends who drink by car can choose to drive on behalf of the service, swimming in the reservoir is prohibited.
Water attractions: Shangzhuang Reservoir Waterfront
Address: 300 meters west of the south bank of Shangzhuang Reservoir Bridge in Haidian District, 30 kilometers from the city.
Self-driving route: Turn left at the Beijing-Tibet Expressway (formerly Badaling Expressway) at the Bei'an River exit, 7 kilometers west of Beiqing Road, see the blue sign on Shangzhuang Road, turn right and see the Reservoir Bridge along 4 kilometers northbound on Shangzhuang Road, but the bridge, Go 300 meters west along the south bank of the reservoir; (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, WeChat: beijing-beijing-123) Northwest Fourth Ring Road to Wanquanhe Road and then continue to Yuanmingyuan West Road, then to Yongfeng Road and west to Beiqing Road See the blue road sign on Shangzhuang Road for 4 kilometers, turn right, and see the Reservoir Bridge along 4 kilometers north of Shangzhuang Road, but the bridge goes 300 meters west along the south bank of the reservoir.
Bus route: Take the 303 at the Beigongmen and get off at the south exit of the reservoir or subway line 4 to the north of Anhe Bridge. Take the 512 bus and get off at the south exit of the reservoir. Go ahead for 100 meters to see the reservoir bridge and go west along the south bank of the reservoir. One hundred meters.
Middle of Xiaodu Bamboo River
Quiet bamboo rippling on the waters of the Bibo River. The opposite river is playing with white ducks and geese, green mountains, white clouds, and the blue sky reflected on the water. It feels like a river in the south of the country. A panoramic view of the distance and feet, this is the intimate contact with nature ...
As one of the new sixteen scenic spots in Beijing, the source of joy is located in the Shidu Scenic Area. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the valley walls are steep, the peaks and forests are deep, the Shimeitan is deep, the scenery is superior, and the reputation is "Qingshan Yedu, Baili Gallery". Also known as "Northern Guilin", it is also the only natural scenic area in North China that is characterized by karst peak forests and river valley landforms.
The content of negative oxygen ions here is extremely high, which can be described as "natural air-conditioning and natural oxygen cabin". It is a good place for summer summer weekends and a preferred destination for team expansion training. (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, Wechat: beijing-beijing-123) I want to relax, here are bamboo rafting, boating, fireworks, beach BBQ, mountain climbing, rafting, eating farm food, picking, painting and sketching, wedding photography, rejecting horses River fishing; to stimulate, here are extended training programs: water wise bravery pass, tree crossing, flying trapeze, cliff rappelling, etc. After full enjoyment, there are also farmhouse dishes to eat, which can be described as integration of eating, living, traveling, traveling and entertainment.
In rainy weather, you need to call for consultation before consumption to ensure the normal play. Children crossing the tree are limited to more than 1.4 meters in height. Each item can be played once on the water or through the tree. If it falls in the middle, it can only continue from the place where it fell, not from the beginning.
Water attractions: Shidu Guzhai Village, Great Falls, etc.
Gu Shanzhai is located in the south of Qidu Village in Shidu Scenic Spot, Beijing. It is named after three peculiar isolated mountain peaks. Gu Shanzhai is the most famous Grand Canyon in the Shidu Scenic Area, with a depth of about 10 kilometers. Stepping into the canyon, there are mountain peaks on both sides, strange rocks and rocks, the more you go in, the more dangerous the mountain, the narrower the canyon, the narrowest point is only 5 meters; the more you go in, the richer the vegetation and the more beautiful the scenery.
Legends of the famous "first-line sky" and the ancient legend of "Moving the Mountain to Save the Mother" took place here, as well as "mountain gates to welcome guests", "fairy baths", "Kowloon bouldering", "bichi playing in the water", "five "Laofeng", "Turtle Turtle", "Hawk Mouth Stone", "Stone in the Stone", "Yinchuan Ice Valley", "Yuzhu Shooting Sky", "Gequan Gushing" and other landscapes.
Address: Beijing Shidu Scenic Area is located in the middle and upper reaches of the Juma River in Fangshan District, southwest of Beijing, 100 kilometers away from Beijing.
Self-driving route: Jingshi Expressway-Liulihe Exit-Hancunhe-Yunju Temple-Shidu Intersection, turn left and arrive.
Bus route: Take bus No. 917 (Tianqiao-Zhangfang-Donghu Port Line) and get off at Shisandu Happy Source Station.
"Flying on the water" in Longqing Canyon in the north is playing heartbeat
With both the cleanliness of Jiangnan and the grandeur of Saibei, this is Longqing Gorge, the "little Lijiang River outside the Sai".
Midsummer is the most advantageous season of Longqingxia. The average temperature is 6 or 7 degrees Celsius lower than that of Beijing's urban area, and even 0.8 degrees Celsius lower than that of Chengde Mountain Resort. Therefore, it has always been the best choice for people in Beijing to find a cool place.
The boat trip to Longqing Gorge seems to slowly unfold a long axis of landscape. The towering dam of Longqingxia Reservoir connects the two mountains, as if a white giant lock locked the two dragons. Ascending the dam overlooking the north, the dark green water surface reflects the mountains and white clouds. (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, WeChat: beijing-beijing-123) The two mountains in the east and west have cliffs standing upright, like a knife-cut, which are dozens of feet high. The "Longqing Gorge" may be named after this gorge. When you are passing by boat, there is a feeling that "the mountains and rivers have no doubt, there is no road, there is a village in the dark and the bright flowers". The mountain does not turn, it seems like there is no end, and every time you turn the mountain is a scene.
If the beauty of Longqing Gorge suffocates you, then the water sports such as bungee jumping, flying down, and slide are playing heartbeat. At the top of the mountain bungee jumping, climbing up a cliff and jumping, and diving at a supersonic speed toward a pool of green, the thrilling, unexperienced experience is beyond words. "Flying on the water" is another signature water project in Longqingxia. It faces the lake and plays flying between the cliffs of the two mountains. Due to the natural drop of more than 30 meters between the mountains, players wearing seat belts can go from narrow to narrow It was thrilling and exciting to pass by on the ropeway!
Hazelnuts, tree flowers, brackens, grapes, and apples are all specialties that must be brought to Longqingxia.
Water attractions: Longqingxia
Address: Longqingxia Scenic Area is located in the ancient city estuary northwest of Gucheng Village, 10 kilometers northeast of Yanqing County, Beijing, 85 kilometers from Beijing urban area.
Self-driving route: Badaling Expressway to Yanqing, then drive on Jingzhang Highway, see road signs along the way.
Bus route: Deshengmen Jianlou Station, starting at 919 Road, then take the 920 Ring Road to Longqingxia in Yanqing County.
Urban Water Cube Paradise Passionate
Want to experience China's largest and most advanced indoor water park? This summer, under the water bubble transparent bubble film, it is also full of happy "water" elements, as if you are in the magical and passionate underwater world.
Water Cube
The most exciting Olympic stadium water cube in 2008 has now become part of Asia ’s largest and most advanced indoor theme water park. Designers have planned a relatively independent 12,000 square meters in the water cube through bold ideas The indoor indoor water park, corals, jellyfish, seaweed, fish schools and fantastic lights and music all make you feel dreamy.
When it comes to water sports in the paradise, most people who have been there will be hooked. The artificial wave here is not an ordinary "predecessor". At every hour, under the flicker of the host who has a magnetic voice, almost all entertaining friends will gather here, and in 15 minutes, follow The waves rushed together. (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, WeChat: Beijing-Beijing-123)
After finishing the HIGH in the wave pool, if you still have physical strength, the "deep sea tornado" must be played. This is the most popular water project in the park. After a 180-degree turn, it slides vertically on the other side of the funnel, repeats back and forth many times, and finally falls into the central pool. A scream is necessary.
"Fast Dark Surge" is also a very exciting project. The winding, fully enclosed slide is not only high and steep, but also extremely fast! Of course, when you experience the feeling of heartbeat, shock, and splashes, safety is absolutely guaranteed. In addition, "Fast Dark Surge" is also an excellent performance slide, because it is translucent, so it will be enjoyed by both skaters and bystanders.
If you don't think it's exciting enough, try "overturning the river". It is said that after climbing to the top of the 76-meter-long Asia's first "overturned river" slide, many people chose the prodigal son to turn back-not everyone has enough courage to enter the sealed cabin to face the next Free fall. When you just held your head and nodded and said "RADEY", you accidentally dropped 15 meters in an instant. The huge vertical swing slide will take you from the lowest point to the highest point. The only way to overcome this slide is to Hold your breath and avoid yelling! (Follow: Beijing, Beijing, WeChat: Beijing-Beijing-123)
Of course, this is not all the world of the brave, like shuttles under the sea, magic swirls, the degree of thrill is more moderate. There are also Rubik's Cube Castle, "Underwater Story" and so on, so that timid women and children can easily enjoy playing in the water.
You need to bring your own bathing suit, swimming cap, bath towel, towel and toiletries. All consumption in the park is settled by key card (no cash).
Water attractions: Water Cube Playground
Subway route: Line 8 to Olympic Park Station
Bus routes: 86 to National Stadium Station; 607, 510 to Beichen West Bridge North Station; 656 to Beichen Bridge West Station.

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