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Mouthwatering Xining Food

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

As the summer capital of "no cold in winter and no hot summer", Qinghai is a place where many ethnic groups gather. Therefore, there is a variety of dishes, snacks and pastries with different flavors. The characteristics of Qinghai cuisine are mellow, soft, crisp, tender, hot and sour, combined with the mellow taste of northern cuisine, the hemp and spicy of Sichuan cuisine, and the delicious and sweet southern cuisine. The dishes of the ethnic minorities have a rough beauty, and the main ingredients are beef and mutton. Such as grabbing mutton, yogurt, stuffed skin, dog urine, noodles, sweet ravioli, etc., these specialty foods are difficult to taste in other cities.
[P2] Dry pot hoof, the main raw material is hoof, the taste is salty and fresh, the craft is boiled, and the difficulty is intermediate. Although the cattle and sheep in Qinghai are free-range, they all grew up eating natural turf, and the beef and mutton itself is better, but to make the tendons brittle but not rotten, soft and crisp, it is all up to the chef's skills.
[P3] Stuffed skin is a traditional snack with strong local flavor in Qinghai. Street vendors selling leather hides in towns in Xining and agricultural areas are everywhere. The skin is steamed, peeled from the plate, cut into long strips, topped with gluten, and topped with vinegar, spicy oil, mustard, leek, garlic and other sauces. It tastes spicy, cool, soft and delicate, and has a long finish.
[P4] In Xining, you have to eat "grabbing sticks". The hand-cooked white bars are actually boiled lamb bones. There is more lamb on the bones. When eating, you must grab them directly with hands, then sprinkle some cumin and other condiments, cooked tender, chewy, oily but not greasy. Many, full of fragrance.
[P7] Blood sausage
[P10] Braised Lamb Chops is a local flavor snack in Xining, Qinghai. It is mainly a lamb and lamb chops, supplemented with potatoes, rolling flour, onion, and coriander. It is a special dish that is fat but not greasy. , Meat crisp, spicy, fresh and fragrant.
【P11】 Spicy lamb hoof
[P12] Shish Kebab
[P13] Barley cake, as its name suggests, is a kind of food prepared by baking barley noodles. It is golden in color, sweet and delicious, and crispy. If you chew it carefully, you can enjoy its unique mellow fragrance. According to locals, barley cakes help digestion, and regular consumption can enhance physical fitness and improve immunity.
[P14] Beef stew
[P17] Miscellaneous. Of course, the most common is miscellaneous sheep, and there is also miscellaneous beef in Xining. Wash the sheep's head, sheep's hoof, sheep's heart, sheep's liver, sheep's lung, sheep's intestine, and sheep's blood, cook, chop, and cook with onions, peppers, salt, and other sauces to make a soup. The sheep is chopped.
[P18] Lamb miscellaneous soup is mixed with potato noodles. It is delicious, oily but not greasy, and tastes good. Take out the pot to make it steaming. The aroma is striking. The taste is delicious. It has obvious cold and stomach warming. Functions such as body-building and body-building are good health foods.
[P19] When it comes to snacks in Xining, we must not mention ravioli pasta, the noodles are very particular. The first is the softness of the noodles. When mixing the dough, make sure that the noodles are "flexible", that is, they are flexible and not sticky. Only when you cook them will you chew your head. Secondly, we should pay attention to the shape of the noodles. The size of the noodles is the same as that of nails. The thickness must be uniform. The size of all the noodles is uniform.
[P20] This kind of pasta is completely made by hand, and the soup of the pasta is also very particular. Generally, beef and mutton soup is used as the base, and meat slices, beef and mutton, vegetables, pepper, etc. are added according to different tastes. .
[P21] People who are new to Qinghai claim to praise "the Qinghai people have a lot of gimmicks". Qinghai people are not called hoe, but hoe. "馍 馍" is just another general term. Shabu-shabu is baked in a metal shabu-shabu mold. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, blooming like flowers, bright in color, and fragrant. It is characterized by saving time and trouble, making single rooms, crunchy and delicious, easy to carry and durable.
[P24] Eight Treasure Tea
After inquiring the locals many times, I have found that the locals often go and I have tasted several restaurants in person, and I recommend it to everyone:
1. The halal Yixin lamb hand-claw shop (Huayuan North Street) has a great reputation, and of course there are many people. The team is called a long ~~ and does not accept appointments (preferably prepared in mind). This one weighs money. Don't be greedy. It looks small and can cut a large plate.
2. Grab the neck of Guiyang sheep. The neck of the sheep is very soft and fragrant, especially the gluten above is the real essence. The seasoned pepper garlic sauce is super good.
3, Shalihai Food City, the environment is very good, see many locals eat here. There are also many people. We have to wait for the turnaround at 10:30 in the evening. The business is really hot. The lamb's neck (white cut lamb) is white and dipped in chili sauce, it is very tender and free from the imaginary radon; the more chewed the yellow lamb, the more fragrant the potatoes are, and the noodles are stronger; The local specialty salty tea is also very good.
4. Yinghua Noodles Restaurant, which is the most respected noodles restaurant by locals, is also the place to taste the famous fried noodles in Xining. The decoration is average, but the taste of the noodles is really delicious. Tourists can take the train from the train station. 33 Road bus to the Shanshantai station, the big bowl of noodles is only 5 yuan / bowl.
5. The Mazhong Brewery Store is located at Mojia Street. Take the No. 1 bus and get off at Grand Crossing Station.
6. Quanertou Miscellaneous (Chengdong Branch), tastes good, soup tastes strong, and feels the taste of breakfast in the Northwest, especially this characteristic ravioli, a bowl in the morning makes me instantly warm up.
7. Koufu Street. Locals tell us that the well-known food street in Xining is known as Koufu Street. This is a place where people in Xining often gather to eat and eat. When you come here, you know what Xining people like to eat, everything, not only Northwest cuisine ~
8. Mojia Street is an old-fashioned food street, the most famous of which is Mazhong Restaurant. There are a lot of Mazhong's snacks in the street, and the taste is very good. Including stuffed skin, sweet ravioli, roast lamb, flavored casserole and more. Out of Mojia Street, across the street is Yinma Street, which is also a night market snack. Qinghai local hot pot and charcoal-bronze copper hot pot are recommended.
9, Shuijing Lane, is an old-fashioned commercial street, known as "Little Hong Kong", mainly snacks, there are many roast lamb stalls, pick more people, the taste will not be bad. Stuffed skin, yogurt, sweet ravioli, and lamb sausage noodles are also very good.
10. Daxin Food Street, which is full of stalls, has a western flavor, basically halal, mainly beef and mutton. The lamb, lamb's hoof, ox hoof, beef bone, pilaf, and some pasta are all delicious. The meat is cut with a knife and has a grandeur.

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