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What are some tips for preventing theft in daily life?

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[Liu Lu's answer (59 votes)]:
Maybe I have the temperament of recruiting thieves. I have encountered thieves many times in my life. And every time I face head-on!
I did n’t say anything during college. At that time, the thieves had a taste of stealing. For example, there were twelve pieces in the bag, only ten pieces, and two pieces left for you to go home by car, and throw your wallet to the ground. Also remind you to pick it up, and so on.
Tell me about coming to Shanghai:
1. When crowds are crowded, you must pay attention to valuables in and out of public transportation!
When I first came to Shanghai, I went to 7p. When I got on the bus, I opened my bag to get a transportation card. I found that I had a hand in my bag and was preparing to take my mobile phone. I was stolen for many years. Rich experience in the field, quickly raised the bag into the air, that hand could not grab my mobile phone, so I quickly boarded the bus and said goodbye to the thief ~
2. Always be careful when taking the bus alone at night!
The bus is not as bright as the subway. When a company held a sports meeting, it was already dark when I got home. After I got on a bus, the car started and all the lights went out. I had to put my hand in my bag. Slowly groping my bus card, suddenly, I touched a man's hand! Fortunately, because the sports meeting was too hot, I took off my coat and put it in my bag. It was my clothes. He didn't touch my wallet for a long time. He didn't expect me to touch it in the bag, so we held hands. La! ~ \ (≧  ≦) / ~ Wipe, it's really scary!
3. Women don't want to be alone in the deserted places at night!
It was a bit late to work last year. I got off the subway at Jinke Road Station and asked my husband to wait for me across the road. On this two-minute journey, a man grabbed my bag from the back and he pulled Without pulling away underneath, he let go of his hand. Then we walked to the intersection one after the other and waited for the traffic lights together ... Afterwards I told my husband, he said why did n’t you shout, I said I dare, I am a pregnant woman, in case he pushes me, I fall and swell What should I do?
4. Protect good people ~
A few years ago at the subway station, many young pickpockets were picking up a girl's bag and stopped by a grandmother. As a result, a group of little pickpockets followed the grandmother all the way and kept scolding her. I followed the grandmother and kept pretending to be a passerby. Well, I was a passerby, walking next to her, supporting her silently with my strong drops of strength, and finally walking for more than ten minutes, the little pickpockets left.
So, when you meet a thief, be sure. . . Calm down!
[Zhan Po's answer (48 votes)]:
Mar24 Update:
咦 I said clearly in the comments where I bought it, and someone privately asked me for the address ...
Last autumn, I bought it from Yoshida Yoshida of Joy City (Did you not see that there is a Jiji monkey on the bag ...
The price is a little more expensive than ordinary models, but it can be bought for six, seven or eight hundred (don't remember specifically ...
---------------------- Janz's ---------- I don't want to update the dividing line ---------- ------------------
Seeing the sixteen pocket down jackets of @ 负 二 先生, I finally couldn't help feeling complacent ...
Alas, this is a bag that I often carry on my recent trips. It looks like a messy bag, right?
But it has 18 pockets! !! !! In other words, with the exception of the back and bottom, the other sides are full of pockets ...
It's also very convenient to use, put ticket on No. 1, put mobile phone on No. 2, put candy on No. 3, etc ...
It's really easy to use, especially for someone with a good memory.
Someone may be worried whether the thief would be rude after standing behind him. I think the odds are slightly smaller. One is that each of its zippers and teeth are metal, especially the corners are still a bit stupid, and I feel it when I pull it. The second is that I often jump and walk, and if I do n’t move, Like to play schoolbags.
However, this schoolbag is a bit dull, and was once quietly spit out at the station by young women as "dynamite bags", but when I jumped into the car easily and cheerfully, the young women were still carrying various small bags and trolleys When the box goes up and down difficultly, an explosion of superiority emerges.
But it's not particularly staying, right?
[Han Xiaoxiao's answer (8 votes)]:
I had this thing when I was young. There are also four big gold characters "security and anti-theft" on it. When they go out with their parents, they put big tickets here. . .
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---
There are too many cards in my wallet, and the wallet is too drum, so I don't like to pack money in my trouser pocket, but I'm used to taking some change out of my trouser pocket, putting the wallet behind the notebook in the backpack, and then pulling the zipper of the backpack to the end. Because of the existence of a notebook interlayer, if a thief does not open his eyes, he needs to pull the zipper to the top to reach behind the notebook, so I can't feel it.
As for the mobile phone, I plug in the headset. And I'm used to wearing tight-fitting trousers and tight pockets.
By the way, remember that, be careful of thieves riding motorcycles to grab mobile phones. One day last fall, after a light rain, the pavement was difficult. I was waiting for the bus in Sanlitun, and there were many people and the platform was full. At the time, most people were playing with their phones, and I stood at the end of the crowd watching them daze. I saw a motorcycle driving slowly, passing the platform, the person in the back seat raised his hand and dragged the girl in front of the platform's cell phone, accelerated, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. The girl did not respond at all. The thief moved very fast, and the girl did not yell afterwards, only to find that there were only a few people around it!
Summary: If you are used to playing with your mobile phone while on the road or waiting for the bus, please stand back, at least don't stand in the distance that the passing vehicle can reach your mobile phone.
[Minus two answer (10 votes)]:
I have a down jacket with 16 pockets-of course, only in winter.
[Vven's answer (4 votes)]:
There is a simple and practical way: put a mobile wallet in your trouser pocket, and put your hand in your trouser pocket
It is important to note that when I squeezed into the bus, my hand was always inserted, and I used to stand to swipe my coin (I must be prepared in advance). Yu Guang felt that no one was behind him.
If there is a place on the bus, you must insert your pocket while sitting to prevent others from starting from behind. If you have no place, try to put your mobile phone and wallet in one pocket.
I usually do this outdoors. 90% of the time my hands are in contact with these items. It should not be so easy to steal them.
[Liu Xiaolai's answer (2 votes)]:
I personally think that we should proceed from the following aspects.
1. Reasonably allocate your finances.
How many fixed expenses are there in a month, which can be transferred by bank, and which need to be paid in cash. Plan ahead to minimize the risk of cash flow.
2. Manage your finances properly.
Do n’t bring so much cash when you go out. Cash is used for petty purposes. Other credits can be used for credit. If the credit card limit cannot meet your travel requirements, you can also bring one or two bank cards, but be sure to keep the documents and bank cards separate. You know the truth.
3. Don't make fun.
Especially on business trips to unfamiliar places, a lot of people have a strange mind. When you are driven by curiosity and plunge into the crowd, it greatly increases your chance of being stolen.
4. Don't show it.
You have to carry a broken plastic bag and use a copycat mobile phone. You have to make a big run, carry a LV, wear a pair of sunglasses, look like a thief and not clever, it is estimated that you are also very likely to be stolen.
5. Avoid environments that are prone to theft.
Under what circumstances is financial easy to steal? When crowding buses, when shopping in the grocery market, when shopping in the night market, when in the park with friends, when Internet cafes go online, when eating ... I won't list them one by one.
6, always keep a clear head.
The thief has a pair of insightful eyes. Long-term professional habits and crime experience make it easy for them to judge your fighting status today. If you look drowsy and listless, then the thief will certainly be very willing to show your favor.
7. Make clear today's goals before going out
This will allow you to avoid a lot of temptations and more energy to do what you should focus on. Don't be distracted or curious and cause unnecessary losses. Before going out, I will check the list of items to see which ones have not been signed in, and then I will know what I need to do today.
[Answer of Ye Wen (1 vote)]:
Look around anytime
[Marsel's answer (1 vote)]:
Jackets have 9 pockets and often can't find anything by themselves.
[Wang Guanxiong's answer (1 vote)]:
As someone who hasn't been stolen for 27 years (but it seems unlucky to say such things)
I rarely use a backpack because the zipper is really unsafe on the back, but unless it ’s a DSLR and camera equipment, I usually put a nylon protective cover on the outside to protect it from rain. I usually go out with a shoulder bag and hold the bag with my arm. The zipper is forward. The bag is made of nylon to prevent thieves from separating with a knife.
Generally, the mobile phone MP3 traffic card is placed in the pocket of the pants, and the hand is kept in the pocket.
I never go to buses or subways. If it is too crowded, I would rather wait for a shift or leave early.
In addition, the most important thing is that I never bring more than 200 pieces of cash to go out. The bank card and ID card are not put in a bag. The credit card slip is placed in the compartment of the bag. Even if it is stolen, it will not be put together because of everything. And cause huge losses.
[Yin Qi's answer (1 vote)]:
Well, although digression, there is an interesting experience that must be shared.
About 8 years ago, I once took a bus at the Junxi Road Junction Station. While I was stepping on the steps, I suddenly felt that the schoolbag on the back was slightly shaken. I looked back and the zipper of the schoolbag had been pulled Halfway through, a Xinjiang man stood behind me, holding my pink pig purse in his hand, and stumped with me.
At that time, my first reaction was to say aloud, "what are you doing ?!"
[Cyberdancer's answer (0 votes)]:
As a careless girl, tell me the results of the war, and lost four mobile phones in four years (one of them was cheated, and one i5 was just robbed on the street after buying it for a week) and a wallet. Advice to everyone: Mobile phones are installed in the front pants pockets. If girls usually bring bags, a small amount of cards and cash are put in small wallets and placed in the zipper bags of the bags. I try to choose a crossbody bag as much as possible so that it can be placed in the front and free up two hands. But don't put it behind the ass, who do you steal? Be sure to pull the zipper of the bag after you run out, and put the zipper head on the side you can see. When plugging in headphones to listen to songs or phone calls, be sure to hold your phone in your hand, not in your pocket or bag. Otherwise, there is no sound, congratulations, you were stolen ~
[Liu Yang's answer (0 votes)]:
If you do n’t leak money, no one will bother you!
[Hu Shao's answer (0 votes)]:
I may have said a lot, but I will add it in the future. Introduce gender. I am a male. He has been out in the wild all year round. He considers himself to be more careful. He has been thiefed, robbed, and stolen.
Let's talk about walking and shopping first.
1. Try not to backpack. I like to buy clothes with more pockets, and the inner and outer bags must also be zippered or buckled. Wallet inside left pocket, phone inside right pocket. Perennial.
2. Minimize the contents of the bag as much as possible. It is better to keep things close to you. This way, the thief naturally sees that you don't dig things in the bag.
3. The material of the bag. If there are indeed few clothes pockets, or no inner bag and no outer bag with a zipper, you must put the bag in. It is recommended to put a card holder and money in the wallet. If I have to put it in my bag, I have a wallet for a driver ’s license, a wallet for money, and a card holder for various cards. The mobile phone is more convenient, but it is best to be close to and in front of you.
At this time, the situation of the bag must be paid attention to. The purse cloth bag is the thief's favorite. The two-finger clips half the shaving blade, and everything opens immediately. Women's open shoulder bags save even the blades, and men's shoulder bags are relatively hard to pull and feel difficult to pull apart. The backpack is on the back, how to play and how to play.
The corresponding is the zipper bag open bag as far as possible when the hand can cover it, do not leave your hands, backpacks, small bags please put on your chest, the deeper the better the better.
4, seasonal, winter, autumn and spring have pockets of clothes, just refer to the above. Another: The thief hates jeans the most, but he loves the back pockets of jeans. . . In summer, try to keep your bag or cell phone as simple as possible, and keep it in your wallet.
Besides, by car
1. Getting on and off is the prime time for thieves. People who are more cautious and unaware are unavoidable because there are many situations that require energy. Always try to put your hands on or press on things.
2. Make sure that one hand can take care of the body during the ride, or lower the bag in your hand, and carrying it on your shoulders is equivalent to telling the thief that it is appropriate for me to come. Put it in front of you when you can't put it down.
3. Pay more attention to the people who are holding newspapers, thieves are used to tricks, cover newspapers or blockbusters.
4. When someone sticks to you, you must move. Don't imagine that no one is secretly in love with you or wants to harass you.
5. If you put things in the back of your pants, you just want to give them away ...
6. Please look for a corner or at least a lot of things because you are busy with both hands and your back on your back. Do n’t you remember who you are? Don't be afraid that others will say that you are crowded, and you must test your dead ends. A bunch of people who are bothering you are by your side. Whoever leans in is a thief, so understand.
7. When buses listen to songs, everyone thinks it ’s okay to have a sound in their ears. How can they lose their phones? Great sound, do you care what you sing for a long time? Probably didn't feel stolen. To listen, put the phone in your pocket or hand.
8. Don't sleep! Sleepy, let's sleep with your arms around your chest. Take out the pants.
Winter clothes are thick. Try to wear a coat with pockets on the warmth layer of the outer coat, and then it is best to have an inner bag. No one can take that thing away. Spring and autumn are easy to handle, after all, at least 2 layers of clothes, you can also bring a small bag, diagonally, and then cover with clothes. In summer, it is reasonable to bring a small bag next to you. Keep one hand out of the bag.
1. Many people think that the bag is okay after cycling, there is a thief running very light, and his technique is stable. If you are good at technology, you don't even feel it and can't hear him breathing.
2, the basket is not detailed, too many cases. Let you distract yourself or turn around at the traffic guard without waiting for your response.
Travel (including train, plane)
1. I usually take a train and plane like this, one big bag and one small bag, with a whole amount of cash in the big bag, a small amount of cash and all the cards with me, a body bag around my neck or a body bag around my waist. I searched the gun bag and looked good under the armpit. I haven't tried it.
2. Trains, planes, or even planes. Remember to put a piece of clothing in your bag even if you put something in it. It can be worn hot and cold, and valuables will be wrapped in the bag, and nothing will happen.
3. Sleepers sleep under the indenter or under the mattress, and the airplane sleeping bag is placed on the ground with the strap hanging on the foot.
Meals and more
1. If two people are sitting opposite each other during a meal, keep things as close to one person as possible to take care of the opposite and observe. The two sit side by side on their laps, and everyone who understands vegetable soup and money is important. Eat alone, put things on your legs, and if you put a big bag next to you, remember to sit under the buttocks.
2. Don't put the mobile phone on the table. A thief often looks away and asks "What time is it?", "Is anyone sitting?"
3. Sit down and remember not to put anything in the back pocket. I was cut by the thief with a blade.
4, shopping must be placed in the eyes can see.
5. The money for going out is open, part of the inner bag, part of the bag, part of the outer bag, or a personal or enlarged bag.
6. Don't be curious when encountering bizarre. The thief is also surrounded.
In the end, when I think of something nonsense, sometimes I feel like taking a thief today (a sign of a thief). One day, when I entered McDonald's, someone asked for time and I subconsciously helped the bag. Downstairs pushed the door and someone walked behind me. I turned to see him and he was gone. I also want to go out thanks to Ji Ling's usual attention to Shenma ... As soon as I looked up, I lost my bicycle ~ Northeast spoke a little back, it should be a villain today. Don't be depressed.
In addition, don't watch out for anyone who has watched millions of times when you go out, talk to people and everyone can look at each other, as long as you don't drink any handed drinks or anything.
Think of adding it again. the above.
PS: Recommended anti-theft bags, pacsafe, Archaeopteryx maka, and a running super elastic waist bag name. Do n’t remember to search for xbao.
The principle of pacsafe Let's see if you can make your own buckle and hang it on one side.
[Answer to the soundtrack (0 votes)]:
When taking the bus. I put my wallet in my inner pocket, and then played with my mobile phone. And then when I go shopping, because I like to put my hands in my pocket, I can touch the phone in my pocket.
The main thing is that I personally have a little habit, something must be put in a fixed pocket. So it will be fine to touch something if it is not in the right position and adjust it. Then just go out to eat, and you must check if anything has fallen before you leave.
[Xu Yongchen's answer (0 votes)]:
It is long remembered by being stolen several times by the thief.
The only time I was stolen in 24 years was when a thief took my cell phone out of my jacket pocket while riding a bicycle in winter. Am I very aggressive?
[Dongdou's answer (0 votes)]:
Carry your bag forward. This is so classic. Make sure you get into the habit of seeing if you drop something when you get off the taxi.
[Chen Xi's answer (0 votes)]:
Seeing the road, hearing the Quartet
[Answer to the cloud (0 votes)]:
Do not put your mobile phone in your clothes pocket by bus, and carry your backpack on your chest (My history of blood and tears TT)
Be careful with your uncle with umbrella and newspaper! !!
[Dringer's answer (0 votes)]:
Put your mobile phone in your pants pocket, the phone is plugged into the earphones, and the earphones are worn through the neckline of the jacket. When you are alone, wear headphones to listen to music and audio books. !!
[Dong Shancheng's answer (0 votes)]:
Hands in trouser pockets ... never stolen ...
[Tonton's answer (0 votes)]:
As long as you do n’t wear too much
Try to be 'no money exposed' in public and low safety factors
[Jiang Xiaoxian's answer (0 votes)]:
Mobile wallets were stolen, while in college. . Both the thefts were sorrowful. Previously, I put all my credentials in my wallet, ID card, bank card, and admission ticket. After the theft, it was really troublesome to replace the card. . Before, my mother repeatedly reminded me not to put my ID in my wallet. I did n’t take it seriously. After that, I did n’t put my ID in my wallet. . It was stolen by a pregnant woman at the time. Of course, I do n’t know if it ’s a real pregnant woman. The carriage is a bit crowded. I ’m afraid of touching her big belly. Odd, that's how the wallet was stolen. . No matter how crowded the bus is, it must be managed!
The stolen mobile phone was also on the bus. I put the mobile phone in my jacket pocket when I inserted the coin, or the bus driver reminded me that the mobile phone was stolen and the thief had got off the bus. . The most angry thing was that the phone was called. The thief actually answered it and hung up after a burst of laughter! I called again and shut down. I was so angry that I didn't know how to vent. . The lesson learned was that the cell phone on the bus was either tucked in a jeans pocket or held in hand. . .
I saw someone mentioning revenge. Yes, I think many people also see thieves stealing other people ’s things. I want to stop them, but I ’m still a little scared. Anyway, I ’ve seen them, with my cousin, Those Xinjiang people had knives, and watching the thief followed a girl and opened the bag, many people saw it on the street, no one said. . But I didn't steal it. . I really feel like I have a lot of wacky things. . Let's tell another story. At the end of last year, I was eating snacks with a friend. The friend's wallet was almost stolen. An aunt in her 40s shouted at the thief, "Why do you move my daughter's wallet!" I heard this We just reacted, and I really felt that day! If something is stolen by a friend or relative, you will definitely stop it! This woman protected herself without letting the thief succeed! I met such a righteous and intelligent woman in the real world, and really admired and worshiped! I study hard! !!
[Wang Dingyu's answer (0 votes)]:
Wallets and mobile phones are opened separately;
Try to keep the inside pocket of the jacket;
If there is no jacket pocket, put the front pocket of jeans, and cover the pockets of the pants;
Women with bags choose the zipper + concealed button as much as possible when choosing the bag;
Make the habit of zipper facing forward when carrying a shoulder bag;
If none of the above can be done, buy a pendant with a lanyard for your mobile phone and put it on your wrist; bring a card and pack it at will, cash less than two hundred, pack it at will;
If the above is not possible, then don't go to a crowded place;
If the above is not possible, thank you on behalf of the thief.
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