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Wuhan on tip of tongue

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:46:47

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Wuyi went to Wuhan with his children, because it was the Nth time, so I mainly walked by the East Lake, and I will meet old friends. For my food, Wuhan snacks must be enjoyed every time and then come back, especially in Wuhan early, there are many tricks, friends in Wuhan said that if you really want to eat the most authentic, you must I have traveled to Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. The characteristics of outdoor alleys are concentrated and full of varieties, so if you go to Wuhan, going to Hubu Alley is an indispensable option. Among the many early ones, my personal favorites are noodle nests, three fresh bean curd skins and hot dry noodles. Haha, I will eat them. These three kinds of cuisine should be the most local features in Wuhan early. But every time I hate that my belly is too small and I want to eat too much, but I can only choose a few favorite pastimes.
In the late spring and early summer, Wuhan, East Lake and Wuhan University are quite beautiful.
For hot dry noodles, be sure to use alkaline noodles, cook them in the hedge and add various seasonings, green onions, etc. Of course, the most important thing is not to lose the sesame sauce. The scent of sesame sauce is coming
. However, the so-called radish and green vegetables have their own love. My family head has not been able to fall in love with hot noodles for four years in Wuhan. This time in Wuhan, one morning in the hotel lobby, I heard a child excited while running outside Shouting "Hot noodles, here I come!"
I can imagine how much the little ones love hot noodles.
Sanxian beancurd, my favorite, every time I go to Wuhan, I will read it for a few days at home
The gold covered silver noodle nest, also known as the noodle nest, first put three sticks on the mold, then put the paste in the pan and fry them together. The business is good, and the team is in the side lane.
A variety of flavored pie, the second is the normal version of the noodle nest, the next two are beef patties with different textures
Sticky rice-crusted fried dough sticks, there are many flavors, the boss's action is very sensible, we bought three, I did not have time to take a good picture of the process
Various flavors of tadpoles, hey, abalone's not willing to order, ordered Wuchang fish tadpoles and family pupa with Wuhan characteristics
A must-visit Lake Stew in Wuhan
Tofu brain, very smooth and tender, southerners are used to eating sweet, just add a little sugar and mix well
Three fresh spring rolls, delicious
Small fish cake
Yellow Bone Fish
Flavor Snail
Spicy Crayfish
Spicy beef tendon
Wuhan Stinky Tofu
Enshi's Potatoes

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