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Shanghai's authentic snacks

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You Dunzi, crab shell yellow, begonia cake ... Do you remember these authentic Shanghai snacks? Carrying snacks full of childhood memories, there is always a way to make you cry!
1 oil pier
Youdunzi is a famous street snack in Shanghai, but it is very rare nowadays. You can only see hawking in the old city. Youdunzi skin is thin and crispy, and the real radish inside is fried out of Huang Chengcheng. It's super seductive. Xiaobian's saliva will flow ...
Shop recommendation: Aunt Jiang Youdunzi
Address: Gujiakou, Zhaojialou, Minhang District
Per capita: 3 yuan
2 crab shell yellow
Crab shell yellow
Shanghai's prestigious specialty dim sum. Because the cake is shaped like a crab shell, its color is as deep as the back of a crab shell, so it is called "crab shell yellow". It has salty and sweet fillings. It ’s beautiful, and the conscience of head strain suggests that it is more fragrant when it is hot ~
Shop recommendation: Wuyuan Bakery
Address: No. 255 Yanping Road, Jing'an District (near Kangding Road)
Per capita: 17 yuan
3 Shanghai pear cream sugar
Shanghai pear cream
Shanghai pear cream sugar, the raw materials are selected from a variety of herbs, and honey, sugar, sugar and pear juice are boiled. One bite is as sweet as honey, loose and crisp, not greasy or sticky, I just want to fall into the honey pot, and has the function of treating cough. If you have a cold and are afraid of taking medicine, you can eat pear cream sugar ~
Shop recommendation: pear cream sugar
Address: No. 27 Wenchang Road, Old City God Temple, Huangpu District
4 ribs rice cake
Pork Ribs Rice Cake
Pork Ribs Rice Cake is a representative of Shanghai's unique snacks. The rows are golden in color, crispy on the outside and tender on the outside, and the rice cakes are soft and glutinous and crispy, and served with a thick sauce, don't stop me! The saliva has stayed ~
Shop recommendation: Aunty Ribs Rice Cake
Address: No. 454-1, Shunchang Road, Luwan District (near Jianguo East Road)
Per capita: 9 yuan
5 Nanxiang Xiaolong
Nanxiang Xiaolong
Naturally, the fame of Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is needless to say. Shanghai people like to come to a cage for breakfast. Xiaolong is not big, but it has a lot of juice and thin skin. After eating, I feel better all day!
Shop recommendation: Nanxiang Xiaolong
Address: No. 11 Gaoling Road, Putuo District (Jintang Intersection)
Per capita: 15 yuan
6 begonia cake
Begonia cake
Begonia cakes are the older generation of dim sum. Nowadays, authentic Begonia cakes can only be eaten at Qibao. The outer layer is powder crust, and the inside is red bean paste. The outside is crispy and the inside is sweet, but not greasy. What a lovely snack!
Shop recommendation: Begonia cake shop
Address: No. 25 South Street, Qibao Town, Minhang District (near Fuqiang Street)
Per capita: 2 yuan
7 rice cakes
Baked rice cake
In Shanghai, glutinous rice cakes exist as one of the four king Kongs in breakfast. The glutinous rice cakes are very glutinous and crispy outside! Adding a cup of soy milk is perfect!
Shop recommendation: Superb rice cakes
Address: Gate 428, Guangxi Northwest Road, Huangpu District (near Tianjin Road)
Per capita: 3 yuan
8 pot stickers
fried dumpling
Allah Breakfast Essentials! Two or two pot stickers are added with a portion of soy milk. The pot stickers just out of the pot are still hot, and the bottom surface is dark yellow, crispy and fragrant. The most important thing is that a pot sticker must have a bite out of it!
Shop recommendation: King pot stickers
Address: No. 124 Licheng Road, Pudong New District (near Changli Road)
Per capita: 6 yuan
You Dunzi, crab shell yellow, begonia cake ... Do you remember these authentic Shanghai snacks? Carrying snacks full of childhood memories, there is always a way to make you cry!
9 head cakes
Bar cake
Striped cakes are traditional food in Shanghai, so as long as they are sold in the old name. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with fine sand to make long strips. It tastes sweet and glutinous. There is also bean paste in the middle. It is suitable for all ages. Many people in Shanghai like it
Shop recommendation: Shen Dacheng (Nanjing East Road)
Address: No. 636 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District
10 raw fried
Pan Fried Dumpling
Raw frying originated in Shanghai in the 1920s. It was steamed in a bamboo steamer, then the bottom was fried in a pan, and finally sprinkled with sesame seeds. Taking a bite, the meaty, oily, green, sesame, and fragrant incenses are unwilling to dissipate in the mouth for a long time.
Shop recommendation: Xiao Yang Sheng Jian (Wujiang Road)
Address: 2 / F, Pu Puhui, No. 269 Wujiang Road, Jing'an District
Per capita: 19 yuan
11 Chongming Cake
Chongming cake
Chongming cake is one of the must-eat foods for Shanghai people. It has moderate sweetness, moderate flesh, fragrant and loose mouth, and sticky but not sticky. It is really delicious!
Shop Recommendation: Osmanthus Chongming Cake
Address: Minxue Road, Caolu Town, Pudong New District (near the School of Finance)
Per capita: 10 yuan
12 Fresh Meat Mooncakes
Fresh meat moon cake
Modu's fresh meat mooncakes have a good reputation! Baked crispy moon cake crusts, filled with fresh fragrant meat fillings, Shen Dacheng, Lao Dafang, Xinghua Lou ... Every time before the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are crowds of people!
Shop Recommendation: Boss Room Fresh Meat Mooncake
Address: Inside the Second Food Store, No. 39 Tianlin Road, Minhang District
13 tiger paw
Tiger paw
It's Qibao Old Town's signature pastry. Many children don't know now. It looks like a tiger paw, but it is actually a kind of sweet pancake. It is said that the tiger paw can help digestion. This sweet and tangible thing can't be loved anymore!
Shop recommendation: Tiger paw
Address: Inside Qibao Old Street (Minbao Road and Wubao Road)
Per capita: 3 yuan
14 擂 沙 圆
Sha Sha Yuan
In fact, the glutinous rice dumplings are cooked with a layer of dried red bean flour after they are cooked. It has delicious dumplings and the aroma of red beans. The rice noodles are great, and there is no soup. It is easy to carry, hot and cold, and very popular.
Shop recommendation: Qiaojiazha Snack World (Wanda Store)
Address: No. 62 Qinghua First Road, Qingpu District
Per capita: 13 yuan
15 hemp balls
Hemp ball
Now there are fewer hemp balls stalls. In the past, hemp balls were the most famous popular snack in Shanghai. The favorite food of cephalosporin is the stuffed bean paste. If you take a bite, the glutinous rice crust will bring the crispness just out of the pot. The white sesame is particularly chewy!
Shop recommendation: Hemp ball stall
Address: Mobile booth
Per capita: 2 yuan

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