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Mandrill meat drink in water-very effective in treating sweating

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There is a special effect in treating sweating: When people sweat a lot, they drink soya water (sold in pharmacies) soaked in water, about 12 grams each time (a day's amount), drink as tea every day, stop sweating .
Note that the mandarin duck meat is also fake. Last time, I went to the same pharmacy and bought more than 200 grams of mandrill meat. I went home and drank water, and found that the color of the bubble was red, and I tasted it sweetly. I thought, broken! Bought a fake! The real mandible meat is not red or sweet when it is soaked. And sour. From the appearance alone, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Later, when I bought the mandrill meat, I must try it. The sour is true.
Agrimony with jujube. Agrimonia is a rare medicinal material that can treat both night sweats and spontaneous sweat, and it is cheap. But as a doctor, I do n’t want to prescribe this formula. The experience is: Agrimony grass combined with atractylodes for self-sweat, Agrimony grass combined with purple salvia to treat night sweats, Agrimony grass combined with gall bladder (Hot incense plus appropriate amount of pig bile mix) for head sweat Agrimony and Astragalus for Perspiration
Agrimonia 30g, 20 dates
Indications: Physical weakness and night sweats.
Efficacy: such as Zhao, 63 years old. Liming sweat clips the back for more than 20 days, taking Angelica Liuhuang Decoction does not work, it does not work to change the Yupingfeng scattered, carefully check the shape of weight loss, shortness of breath, chills, dry throat, restlessness, pale red tongue, thin white fur, pulse The breakdown is weak, and the syndrome is yin and yang deficiency, and 3 doses of perspiration are used to stop the body.
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